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Philippe Boët

Directeur de recherche

Domaines de compétence

I am a Director of research and currently the leader of the Estuarine Ecosystem team I joined in 2005.

I was trained in general and evolutive ecology at the university Pierre & Marie Curie (UPMC) in Paris, where I got my PhD in 1981, and my HDR in 2002 (a french habilitation to supervise research). As an aquatic ecologist, I have first worked on lakes, and then on rivers, focusing on freshwater fish populations and communities respectively.

During the past ten years, I contributed actively to the interdisciplinary scientific program PIREN-Seine, dealing with the Seine River, one of the most man-impacted hydrosystem in the world. My research aimed at modelling the relationships between habitat characteristics and fish assemblages at the whole catchment basin scale, to know better and understand further what are the consequences of the numerous human activities on the functioning of the aquatic ecosystems. At more local scales, in the line of ecological engineering, I also conducted investigations on the nursery function of the wetlands in the floodplain, and initiated the development of a riverscape approach of the fish habitat patterns.

Now, my current research interests deal with the estuarine ecosystem functioning and the delivery of goods and services for human societies, under the constraint of the global changes (climate and human pressures). I still model fish assemblages, but also trophic networks both quantitatively and qualitatively, supervise wetland depolderisation studies, and am involved in collaborative projects with social and economics scientists.


Tel: +335 57 89 27 06

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