Opti-Chaux: "Clean" sludge for agricultural spreading

Inspired by the machines used to shape plastics, an innovative mixer has been designed to produce an efficient mixture of sludge, from wastewater treatment plants, and lime, reducing both economical and environmental costs. This results in limed sludge that...

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An online observatory for winter sports resorts

Alpine resorts are growing: tourism is evolving, along with snow cover, built up areas, ski lifts, etc. To improve our understanding, the Winter Sports Resorts Observatory (Observatoire des stations de sports d'hiver) was created. The observatory will...

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Irstea is expanding to safeguard the European sturgeon

In order to strengthen capacities for conservation of the European sturgeon and other migratory species, Irstea is equipping itself with a new facility that will support its experimental station in Saint-Seurin-sur-l'Isle. This facility is unique in...

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Survey: How do you consume water ?

A large survey (by Irstea and BRGM) has been carried out on household water usage and consumption in two large urban conglomerations in the South, Montpellier and Perpignan, in order to understand consumer behavior and anticipate future needs. What is a...

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Bioprocesses: what energy regimen for microorganisms ?

2 Irstea researchers have successfully established a link between energy balance and microbial growth, causing a small revolution in the scientific community. This is a relationship hitherto little understood, but one which could pave the way for many...

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Sharing water resources

There is water on Earth. However, as P. Barthelemy points out, "The Earth is actually brown, dyed blue." He indicates that despite the planet's blue colour, easily accessible fresh water is very scarce. That's why it's so important to save, preserve and evaluate the resource, now and for the future. Irstea research is currently tackling this universal and practical issue.

Published 10/02/2014

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Agricultural equipment projet : questionnaire set up for manufacturers

Irstea has been commissioned to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the agricultural equipment sector and to deliver support recommendations to encourage industrial innovation and development as part of the French industrial development and agricultural ecology project.

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