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Institut 02/13/2017

Agroecology: a free MOOC for everyone, designed by experts

Farmers, students, researchers and interested members of the public: perfect your knowledge of agroecology and its practices with the Agroecology MOOC. This free online course from...

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Ecotechnologies 02/08/2017

4D-Virtualiz: the start-up looking at robotics in 3D

Reducing robotics development times and costs to encourage innovative projects: that’s the 4D-Virtualiz challenge! Created in the Irstea laboratories, this start-up offers a ...

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Institut 02/01/2017

See you at the Paris International Agri-Business Show. SIMA 2017

Irstea would like to invite farmers, businesses and start-ups to attend the Agri-Business Show at Villepinte on February 26 to learn more about the farm of the future. Along with o...

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Institut 02/01/2017

2017 International Agricultural Show

Detecting weeds, measuring humidity levels and fertilizer requirements… Through the use of new technologies, farming is acquiring data to boost output while improving its en...

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Institut 01/31/2017

Join us! Disability/Mobility Recruitment Campaign 2017

A total of 32 positions are available in different fields and types of positions! Applications are accepted until February 28, 2017 inclusive. 

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Institut 01/31/2017

2017 Doctoral Research Campaign: 23 doctoral research contracts

Are you a PhD candidate looking for a research contract? There are 23 research contracts available at Irstea from February 3 to May 19, 2017. Don’t wait; apply now!

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Eaux 01/19/2017

A unique approach to calculating the vulnerability of buildings to ava...

A thorough assessment of the risk of avalanches is key to protecting against them. At Irstea, scientists are proposing a new approach to calculating avalanche risks, based on an im...

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Territoires 01/17/2017

Regional development: the impact of the European LEADER program

Supporting innovative projects led by local stakeholders to encourage regional development: this is the aim of the European LEADER program. Regional evaluations carried out by Irst...

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Institut 01/11/2017

Digital agriculture: submitting a report on the data portal for sustai...

In April 2016, Stéphane Le Foll, Thierry Mandon and Axelle Lemaire tasked Irstea President Jean-Marc Bournigal with preparing for the implementation of an agricultural data ...

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Institut 01/09/2017

A workshop to find out all there is to know about reusing wastewater

How can we overcome regulatory, economic, environmental and technical issues to implement a system to reuse treated wastewater? Irstea and the Terrasses et Vallée de l&rsquo...

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Territoires 12/16/2016

European livestock farming: expertise for more sustainable systems

The benefits and repercussions of European livestock farming systems are a source of debate. Inra experts and an Irstea researcher have joined the discussion, offering an overview ...

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Territoires 12/13/2016

[Publication] Exotic tree species in European forests examined by expe...

How do exotic and native species coexist in European forests? A book entitled Introduced tree species in European forests: challenges and opportunities with contributions by Irstea...

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Ecotechnologies 12/08/2016

A satellite to study rivers

How can we anticipate and measure the planet’s water resources in order to adapt to the effects of global climate change? This is one of the aims of the upcoming SWOT satelli...

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Institut 12/06/2016

COP22 - Irstea activities that support regional changes

The 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22) was an opportunity for Irstea researchers to highlight their ...

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Ecotechnologies 12/06/2016

[Publication] Can drones do everything? How they are going to change o...

Drones are a part of most aspects of our daily lives, including our work and leisure activities. They are changing everyday life as we know it. How? A book published by Editions Qu...

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Institut 11/16/2016

Digital farming: launching the new AgroTIC industry chair

A total of 23 companies and technical partners, 3 teaching and research institutions and 1 foundation have come together to launch the AgroTIC industry chair. The project was built...

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Territoires 11/15/2016

Co-developing research with regions for sustainable regional developme...

Amid agroecology, local networks and circular economies, rural areas are being subjected to significant changes and challenges. In order to imagine and co-develop useful tools (tra...

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Ecotechnologies 11/07/2016

Publication: the Springer Handbook of Robotics is online

An authoritative repository of global knowledge of robotics, the 2nd edition of the Springer Handbook of Robotics has been published. The new edition has been enhanced with videos ...

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Institut 11/02/2016

Publication: The Mediterranean Region under Climate Change

The Mediterranean is one of the regions of the world most exposed to the effects of climate change. During COP22 (November 7 to 18 in Marrakesh), AllEnvi members including Irstea p...

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Institut 10/12/2016

Science hits the big screen

From October 7 to December 14, 2016, the subscription TV channels Ciné + are showing 36 recent full-length feature films, including 7 that will be analyzed by researchers - ...

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