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Institut 03/19/2018

Irstea at the 8th Water Forum in Brasilia

The 8th World Water Form with the theme “Sharing Water” was held in Brasilia on Sunday, March 19, 2018. In the face of growing pressures on resources such as increased ...

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Institut 02/15/2018

Irstea’s 2018 PhD research campaign is officially open!

PhD candidates: join our research teams at Irstea to prepare your PhD: 22 offers are open until May 18, 2018. 

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Eaux 01/08/2018

QUAREF: 10 years of expertise for the quality of aquatic environments

To prevent the impact of water pollution in our ecosystems and our healthy and to restore the quality of aquatic environments, the European Water Framework Directive (EWFD) require...

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Territoires 06/06/2017

Bioeconomy: rethinking development and investing in life

The bioeconomy, based on using living resources, seems full of promise to ensure our food, energy and construction requirements are met while limiting our impact on the environment...

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Institut 05/29/2017

EGU2017: a meeting of top geoscience professionals

Scientists from all over the world, including Irstea experts, gathered in Vienna, Austria at the end of April to present recent discoveries during the European Geosciences Union Ge...

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Territoires 05/17/2017

Forest fires: adapting firefighting strategies to climate change

How are forest fires evolving in the face of climate change? By analyzing current trends, Irstea experts have, for the 1st time, defined the type of weather that favors large fires...

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Institut 05/09/2017

Regional LCA: a European award for an innovative approach

On Sunday, May 7, 2017, Eléonore Loiseau, a researcher at Irstea Montpellier,* was awarded the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) Young Scientist Award by SETAC Europe (Society of En...

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Eaux 05/03/2017

Different perspectives enhance research into reuse

As an expert in the field of reusing processed wastewater, known as reuse, Irstea is now designing innovative technical, economical and operational solutions adapted specifically t...

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Territoires 04/26/2017

Potential trajectories in the fight against climate change

How can we achieve an atmospheric level of CO2 that no longer affects the performance and stability of the planet’s climate by 2100?  An article published in Nature-Scie...

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Territoires 04/20/2017

How to prepare for climate change in mountain pastures

What is the impact of climate change on mountain pastures? To improve understanding, anticipate and take action in these spaces that are fundamental to livestock farming and rich i...

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Territoires 04/10/2017

How efficient is snowmaking?

The use of machine-made snow is increasing in most French ski resorts. However, this method of preparing the slopes can be controversial, and the range of issues associated with th...

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Eaux 04/04/2017

Flood risks: a new national warning tool against flash floods for loca...

Floods can be the cause of dramatic situations, bringing death and significant material damage with them. Within this context, flash floods caused by heavy rain over a very short p...

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Ecotechnologies 04/03/2017

The cold chain: 60 keys to understanding

"How are quick-frozen products different to frozen products?" "Why are fruit and vegetables fogged?" "How can cold be made from hot?" "These are ...

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Institut 03/29/2017

March for Science: Irstea and other research organizations are ready

Science is a common good for democracy; by creating knowledge and solutions, it is an essential component in dealing with the major challenges facing our world. For these reasons, ...

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Ecotechnologies 03/24/2017

A success story: Effibot, winner at the French National Outdoor Roboti...

Effibot, a carrier-follower robot designed to help farmers increase productivity while easing their workload, won a prize during the French National Outdoor Robotics Competition he...

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Institut 03/15/2017

ImagineAgri: What role will we all play in digital agriculture in the ...

How can digital technology meet the needs of the farming community? On March 21, as part of a one-day seminar, the Ministry of Agriculture is providing an opportunity for start-ups...

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Institut 03/02/2017

Ratification of the field crop LIT in Auvergne

A living, open-air laboratory that will help develop farming and is based on the principles of agroecology, this ambitious project includes 7 partners from the worlds of research, ...

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Institut 02/27/2017

#DigitAg: boosting agriculture through training and digital innovation...

The new Convergences Institute #DigitAg project aims to accelerate economic development in the agricultural industry through digital progress and innovative training and research. ...

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Ecotechnologies 02/24/2017

Digital agriculture: Farms reveal their data using a smart device

The Vbox allows farmers to assess the fuel consumption of their agricultural machinery and eventually, the quality of their harvests, through an on-board data acquisition system de...

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Institut 02/13/2017

Agroecology: a free MOOC for everyone, designed by experts

Farmers, students, researchers and interested members of the public: perfect your knowledge of agroecology and its practices with the Agroecology MOOC. This free online course from...

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