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Land Use Department

Territoires 07/03/2018

Forest fires: adapting and alleviating the impact of climate change

From July 2 to 7, Irstea participated in the second Sustainable Development Goals summer school1, which this year focused on combating the effects of climate change. It was an oppo...

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Territoires 07/02/2018

Microhabitats, influencing factor and potential indicator for biodiver...

Due to their environmental, economic and sociocultural roles, forest ecosystems suffer from significant environmental issues. In both harvested and unharvested forests, trees are a...

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Territoires 06/25/2018

Soil engineering: a multi-benefit solution for regional stakeholders

Published as part of the Topics for discussion and decision collection by Editions Quae, the book Restaurer les milieux et prévenir les inondations grâce au gén...

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Territoires 06/06/2018

Modifying drug and sunscreen usage to reduce micropollutants

Stopping micropollutants from contaminating aquatic environments is currently a major challenge. Across the Arcachon basin, partners in the REMPAR project are focusing on finding e...

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Territoires 06/06/2018

Automatically map the level of damage caused by fires

Along with CNES, ONF and two laboratories specializing in remote sensing, fire risk experts from Irstea's Aix-en-Provence center have launched the ACADO project with the aim of...

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Territoires 04/24/2018

Confidence, the key ingredient in integrating the three pillars of sus...

Is economic growth always detrimental to the environment? Is the primary principle of prosperity based on specialization and lower prices? What is the relationship between a proper...

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Territoires 04/24/2018

Improving management of Asian knotweeds alongside transport routes

Invasive alien species, Asian knotweeds are spreading throughout the landscape. Their growth across transport infrastructure has highlighted three challenges: environmental, safety...

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Territoires 04/24/2018

ADAMONT : an integrated adjustment model for low mountain regions

For 3 years (2015-2017), the Irstea Grenoble Center has been working on adjustment to climate change in low mountain regions. The project was supported by the Ministry for Environm...

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Territoires 03/12/2018

What effect do landscape changes have on animal migration?

Roads, urban areas, croplands... When humans develop an area, they make significant changes to its environment. In order to better define the impact this has on on animal migration...

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Territoires 03/06/2018

A biobased adhesive capable of competing with industrial adhesives

Researchers from Clermont-Ferrand, specializing in the mechanics of adhesive materials and the development of biomaterials, have created a glue using chitosan, a natural polymer, t...

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Territoires 02/23/2018

New snow viability indices for ski resorts

To help professionals manage mountain resorts within the context of climate change, Irstea and Météo France (CNRM/CEN) have developed two snow viability indicators fo...

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Territoires 06/06/2017

Bioeconomy: rethinking development and investing in life

The bioeconomy, based on using living resources, seems full of promise to ensure our food, energy and construction requirements are met while limiting our impact on the environment...

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Territoires 05/17/2017

Forest fires: adapting firefighting strategies to climate change

How are forest fires evolving in the face of climate change? By analyzing current trends, Irstea experts have, for the 1st time, defined the type of weather that favors large fires...

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Territoires 04/26/2017

Potential trajectories in the fight against climate change

How can we achieve an atmospheric level of CO2 that no longer affects the performance and stability of the planet’s climate by 2100?  An article published in Nature-Scie...

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Territoires 04/20/2017

How to prepare for climate change in mountain pastures

What is the impact of climate change on mountain pastures? To improve understanding, anticipate and take action in these spaces that are fundamental to livestock farming and rich i...

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Territoires 04/10/2017

How efficient is snowmaking?

The use of machine-made snow is increasing in most French ski resorts. However, this method of preparing the slopes can be controversial, and the range of issues associated with th...

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Territoires 01/17/2017

Regional development: the impact of the European LEADER program

Supporting innovative projects led by local stakeholders to encourage regional development: this is the aim of the European LEADER program. Regional evaluations carried out by Irst...

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Territoires 12/16/2016

European livestock farming: expertise for more sustainable systems

The benefits and repercussions of European livestock farming systems are a source of debate. Inra experts and an Irstea researcher have joined the discussion, offering an overview ...

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Territoires 12/13/2016

[Publication] Exotic tree species in European forests examined by expe...

How do exotic and native species coexist in European forests? A book entitled Introduced tree species in European forests: challenges and opportunities with contributions by Irstea...

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Territoires 11/15/2016

Co-developing research with regions for sustainable regional developme...

Amid agroecology, local networks and circular economies, rural areas are being subjected to significant changes and challenges. In order to imagine and co-develop useful tools (tra...

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