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Land Use Department

Territoires 08/26/2012

Forest fires: current state of research

As forest fires rage, research rallies. Researchers at the Aix-en-Provence centre in the Mediterranean region are mainly concerned about the impact of fire on the environment and m...

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Territoires 07/13/2012

Sustainable development invited to the Thau Festival

This year's Thau Festival will welcome: Yannick Noah, Earth Wind &Fire and Camille as well as two teams of Irstea researchers alongside Greenpeace and other associations wo...

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Territoires 06/11/2012

International Symposium For and About Regional Development

The international symposium For and About Regional Development (PSDR) entitled "Paths to Regional Development" will take place from 19 to 21 June in Clermont-Ferrand.

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Territoires 05/29/2012

How can we use information systems for the environment ?

How can we use geo-spatial data to advance knowledge and manage environments and territories ? This is the objective of the JRU "Territories, Environment, Remote Sensing and S...

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Territoires 04/19/2012

Irstea’s Nogent Centre and Quebec’s forest research division renew the...

In March 2012, the permanent Franco-Quebec cooperation commission renewed, for the sixth consecutive year, its support of the customised project on measuring water activity for the...

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Territoires 03/09/2012

Visit of a Moroccan Delegation

On 1 March 2012, a Moroccan delegation from the Tadla-Azizal region visited Irstea's Grenoble centre.

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Territoires 02/24/2012

"Sciences Eaux et Territoires" journal - the special pull-ou...

The special pull-out supplement on forests – Research for forest sustainable management    

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Territoires 01/19/2012

The obligation to achieve results in agri-environmental measures

To meet society’s demands in favour of more environmentally friendly agriculture, a system of agri-environmental measures has been introduced in Europe.

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Territoires 01/04/2012

New book: Which type of Forest for Humans?

In this book, Irstea presents an update of its scientific research on forests.

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Territoires 12/08/2011

"Forest Indicators of Sustainable Management" Symposium

The symposium "Forest Indicators of Sustainable Management" took place on 6 and 7 December 2011 at Montargis (co-organised by IFN (French National Forest Inventory) ...

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Territoires 10/20/2011

Establishment of a National Green and Blue Belt Committee

On Tuesday October 18th, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, along with Benoist Apparu, the Secretary of State ...

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Territoires 10/07/2011

The International Year of Forests

In October, forests are honoured at Cemagref! This event includes an educational nature trail to discover how French forests are managed and the great biodiversity that they house,...

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Territoires 10/07/2011

Forestry Indicators en route to sustainable management

As part of the International Year of Forests, Cemagref, the IFN (French National Forest Inventory) and GIP Ecofor (an organisation in support of Forest Ecosystems) are organising t...

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Territoires 10/06/2011

The National Commission on Forest Genetic Resources celebrates its 20t...

The National Commission on Forest Genetic Resources is celebrating its 20th anniversary on 16 November 2011.

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Territoires 09/28/2011

Forum on integrated management in marine areas and coastline of the Fr...

This year, Cemagref is organising a forum on “integrated management in marine areas and the coastline of the French Antilles” which will take place on 11-13 October 201...

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Territoires 09/27/2011

Rockfall engineering

The first internationally available book dedicated to rockfall engineering has just been published in co-ordination with Cemagref.

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Territoires 07/06/2011

Echos No. 7 - Humans and territories

Scientists involved in DTAM (Territorial development and multifunctional agriculture) research are studying the changes and interactions between economic and environmental activiti...

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Territoires 06/05/2011

Echos No. 6 – Spatial information systems

Scientists involved in the SYNERGIE research topic are working to improve understanding of and act on spatial phenomena determining how territories and environments function. ...

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Territoires 06/01/2011

La Datar et le Cemagref en

Emmanuel Berthier, Délégué interministériel à l’aménagement du territoire (Datar) et Roger Genet, Directeur général du Cemagref, ont signé le 10 mai à la Datar, une convention-cadr...

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Territoires 05/31/2011

The Datar and CEMAGREF: a framework convention

On 10 May at the Datar, Emmanuel Berthier, Interdepartmental Representative for Land Development (Datar) and Roger Genet, Director General of CEMAGREF, signed a 4-year cooperative ...

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