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Environmental Technologies Department

Ecotechnologies 07/04/2018

Creating a safe and efficient cold chain

The Opticold project aims to ensure that refrigeration processes are compatible with sustainable development issues. Bringing together manufacturers and research laboratories and f...

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Ecotechnologies 05/02/2018

Reed bed filters to process urban wet weather effluent

Reed bed filters work by circulating water to be processed through a layer of filtering material (gravel, sand) in which bacteria, filtering biomass, and plants can grow.

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Ecotechnologies 02/15/2018

Using MRI to scan products such as bread and cheese to improve food pr...

Irstea researchers are using original and non-invasive techniques such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to help manufacturers optimize their food processing procedures with the ...

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Ecotechnologies 01/31/2018

Permanent artificial mulch as an alternative to phyto products for row...

In order to prevent weed growth without using chemical herbicides, thereby reducing the risk of environmental pollution and human contamination, Irstea has partnered with the Inovi...

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Ecotechnologies 04/03/2017

The cold chain: 60 keys to understanding

"How are quick-frozen products different to frozen products?" "Why are fruit and vegetables fogged?" "How can cold be made from hot?" "These are ...

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Ecotechnologies 03/24/2017

A success story: Effibot, winner at the French National Outdoor Roboti...

Effibot, a carrier-follower robot designed to help farmers increase productivity while easing their workload, won a prize during the French National Outdoor Robotics Competition he...

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Ecotechnologies 02/24/2017

Digital agriculture: Farms reveal their data using a smart device

The Vbox allows farmers to assess the fuel consumption of their agricultural machinery and eventually, the quality of their harvests, through an on-board data acquisition system de...

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Ecotechnologies 02/08/2017

4D-Virtualiz: the start-up looking at robotics in 3D

Reducing robotics development times and costs to encourage innovative projects: that’s the 4D-Virtualiz challenge! Created in the Irstea laboratories, this start-up offers a ...

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Ecotechnologies 12/08/2016

A satellite to study rivers

How can we anticipate and measure the planet’s water resources in order to adapt to the effects of global climate change? This is one of the aims of the upcoming SWOT satelli...

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Ecotechnologies 12/06/2016

[Publication] Can drones do everything? How they are going to change o...

Drones are a part of most aspects of our daily lives, including our work and leisure activities. They are changing everyday life as we know it. How? A book published by Editions Qu...

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Ecotechnologies 11/07/2016

Publication: the Springer Handbook of Robotics is online

An authoritative repository of global knowledge of robotics, the 2nd edition of the Springer Handbook of Robotics has been published. The new edition has been enhanced with videos ...

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Ecotechnologies 10/05/2016

Spectroscopy and waste sorting

Separating and sorting plastic and organic waste in record time using near infrared spectroscopy: this has been achieved thanks to applied research by Irstea in partnership with Pe...

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Ecotechnologies 09/21/2016

Robots of the future: the challenges of automation and collaboration

The MCG2016 international conference will bring together researchers, industry engineers and PhD researchers from 10 countries to share results, knowledge and expertise in guiding ...

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Ecotechnologies 07/21/2016

Chemometrics: sign up for the 1st MOOC created by experts

Students, engineers, researchers, even manufacturers: CheMoocs, a MOOC focusing on chemometrics, will be held from September 12 to November 10. Chemometrics makes it possible to pr...

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Ecotechnologies 07/01/2016

Green House Keeper: a high-tech gardener for greenhouse crops

With Green House Keeper, you can monitor and maintain your garden efficiently from your Smartphone or tablet. Incorporated into the Minéa incubator at Irstea Montpellier sin...

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Ecotechnologies 05/20/2016

Near infrared spectroscopy: Irstea radiates good energy

Jean-Michel Roger, Deputy Scientific Director at Irstea, is the recipient of the prestigious 2016 Tomas Hirschfeld award in recognition of his contribution to the study of near inf...

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Ecotechnologies 04/04/2016

Wastewater treatment: a new experimental biostation

Alain Juppé will attend the inauguration of the first French instrumented experimental site dedicated to planted discharge areas in Bègles, in Gironde, on April 11 th...

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Ecotechnologies 03/04/2016

Food seen through the PRISM of an MRI

Professionals: join us on March 8 to 10 in Rennes for the 20th edition of the Agri-Food Industry Exhibition (Carrefour des fournisseurs de l’agroalimentaire – CFIA). Th...

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Ecotechnologies 01/11/2016

Publication. Once upon a time, there was waste

Christian Duquennoi, a researcher at Irstea, tells us the incredible story of waste, from prehistory to biofuel, in an all-new book published by Editions Quae. A fascinating tale!

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Ecotechnologies 11/27/2015

"Connected" innovation: reducing pesticides in viticulture

In a context of heavy pesticide use in viticulture, Irstea has developed a tool that can reduce their use by 15%. Perfectly in phase with the goals laid out by the Ecophyto II plan...

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