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Exhibition. Living sustainably in our regions

© Exhibition “Living sustainably in our regions”


Regions are subject to a variety of pressures (urbanization, demographics, natural hazards, etc.). From April 12 to 27, an exhibition will help the general public and public stakeholders understand these changes using 10 maps displayed on the bay windows of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (Conseil Economique, Social et Environnemental) in Paris. Irstea is an event partner.

Inequality is growing across the regions in all areas of life: finding a place to live, getting a job and accessing healthcare. It is now essential to adapt public policy to regional diversity. This is the message of the exhibition [1] "Living sustainably in our regions" organized by the magazine Acteurs publics in partnership with the Conseil général à l’égalité (CGET – General Council on Regional Equality) and the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE).

From April 12 to 27, 10 maps based on mapping elements obtained from CGET will be exhibited on the bay windows of the CESE in Paris to increase public awareness and help public stakeholders make informed decisions.

Ten issues will be addressed:

  • The urban dynamics of French regions
  • Housing as a core concern
  • Proximity to accessible services
  • The challenge of regional inequality
  • Youth at the heart of development
  • Adapting healthcare provisions to demographic changes
  • The risk of new environmental inequalities
  • The ongoing energy transition
  • Renewing urban policies
  • Achieving regional equality

A special day with both conferences and live shows will inaugurate the exhibition. The exhibition will also reference the environmental conference organized on April 25 and 26 with Ségolène Royal, the Minister for the Environment, Energy and the Sea who is also in charge of international relations on climate issues. Ministers will preside round table discussions at the CESE.

Regional research & development

Irstea is an event partner and has been working for over 30 years to achieve sustainable regional development and management, both locally and nationally. The new partnership with CGET, signed at the end of 2015, will make it possible to delve deeper into work on regional and environmental inequality.

“At Irstea, we work with living regions and give them the potential to become liveable regions.”

On Tuesday, April 12, Nathalie Bertrand, Deputy Scientific Director at Irstea, will participate in a TV panel organized by Acteurs Publics. In particular, she will speak about the influence of natural resources on regional appeal (exposure and sunlight, forest quality, value given to biodiversity, etc.) and regional inequality.

Watch Nathalie Bertrand participate in the Acteurs Publics panel.

Find out more about the exhibition.

For more information

[1] Exhibition sponsored by the Club des territoires durables (Sustainable regions club)