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Philippe Frey

Senior Scientist, PhD, HdR
Personnal page cemadoc link

Competences fields

  • Research projects managing on sediment transport processes and natural hazard mitigation in mountains
  • New (January 2017- ): Coordinator of ANR project Size Segregation in Sediment Transport
  • Experimental research and modelling of sediment transport on steep slopes essentially at the grain scale
  • Mountain river engineering
  • Lecturing in mountain river hydraulics
  • Associate Editor Journal of Hydraulic engineering http://ascelibrary.org/page/jhend8/editorialboard


PhD position available (fully funded by ANR/IRSTEA) : Segregation processes in bedload sediment transport: experimental and theoretical study

PhD Completed

Böhm, T., 2005: Motion and interaction of a set of particles in a supercritical flow, PhD Terre Univers Environnement, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble I, 172 p.

Recking, A., 2006: Etude expérimentale de l'influence du tri granulométrique sur le transport solide par charriage, An experimental study of grain sorting effects on bedload. PhD mécanique des fluides, Insa Lyon, 243p.

Hergault V. 2011 : Etude microstructurelle du transport solide par charriage à forte pente en granulométrie étendue. Université de Grenoble 180p.

Bacchi V. 2011 Etude expérimentale de la dynamique sédimentaire d’un système à forte pente soumis à des conditions hydrauliques faibles Université de Grenoble, 209p.

Maurin R., 2015 Investigation of granular behavior in bedload transport using an eulerian-lagrangian model, Université Grenoble Alpes, 142 pp.

Dudill Ashley 2016 : Size segregation in bedload transport. University of British Columbia and University of Grenoble (joint/co-tutelle PhD), 151 p.

Lafaye de Micheaux Hugo 2017 : Ségrégation en transport solide par charriage en montagne: traitement d'images et étude expérimentale. Université de St Etienne, 172 p.

PhD Ongoing

Chassagne Rémi 2017 -  Ségrégation en transport sédimentaire : modélisation par éléments discrets, Université Grenoble Alpes.




Selection of refereed publications

Maurin R, Chauchat J, Frey P. 2018. Revisiting slope influence in turbulent bedload transport: Consequences for vertical flow structure and transport rate scaling. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 839: 135-156.

Dudill AR, Frey P, Church M. 2017. Infiltration of fine sediment into a coarse mobile bed: A phenomenological study. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms:42(8): 1171-1185.

Maurin R, Chauchat J, Frey P. 2016. Dense granular flow rheology in turbulent bedload transport. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 804: 490-512.

Lafaye de Micheaux H, Ducottet C, Frey P. 2016. Online multi-model particle filter-based tracking to study bedload transport, 23rd  IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Phoenix, AZ,  Sept 25-28, pp. 3489-3493.

Maurin R, Chauchat J, Chareyre B, Frey P. 2015. A minimal coupled fluid-discrete element model for bedload transport. Physics of Fluids 27(11): 113302.

Frey P. 2014. Particle velocity and concentration profiles in bedload experiments on a steep slope. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 39 (5): 646-655.

Frey P, Church M. 2011: Bedload: a granular phenomenon. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 36: 58-69.

Hergault V, Frey P, Métivier F, Barat C, Ducottet C, Böhm T, Ancey C. 2010. Image processing for the study of bedload transport of two-size spherical particles in a supercritical flow. Experiments in Fluids 49: 1095-1107.

Frey P, Church M. 2009. How River Beds Move. Science 325: 1509-1510.

Recking A, Frey P, Paquier A, Belleudy P. 2009. An experimental investigation of mechanisms responsible for bedload sheet production and migration. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface 114: F03010

Ancey, C., A. C. Davison, T. Bohm, M. Jodeau, and P. Frey, 2008: Entrainment and motion of coarse particles in a shallow water stream down a steep slope. J  Fluid Mech, 595, 83-114.



Irstea, UR ETNA

Domaine Universitaire

2 rue de la papeterie BP 76

38402 Saint-Martin-d'Hères Cedex


Phone: +33 (0)4 76 76 27 71