Social LCAs. Socio-economic effects in value chains: a book for the future of supply chains

What are the socio-economic consequences of changes in supply chains in terms of well-being ? The book Social LCAs. Socio-economic effects in value chains, coordinated by Irstea and edited by Cirad, discusses the concept of Life cycle assessment (LCA) and offers an alternative evaluation...

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Using waste water for agricultural irrigation : challenges and solutions

Is irrigating crops using waste water a challenge for the future ? Irstea researchers have developed a new irrigation emitter, patented jointly with Phytorem. The aim : to prevent the emitter from clogging due to particles in the waste water or the development of biofilms. Let's take a closer...

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Opti-Chaux: "Clean" sludge for agricultural spreading

Inspired by the machines used to shape plastics, an innovative mixer has been designed to produce an efficient mixture of sludge, from wastewater treatment plants, and lime, reducing both economical and environmental costs. This results in limed sludge that is better suited to agricultural use.

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Sharing water : what will tomorrow's issues be ?

Did you know that 6 billion m3 of fresh water are consumed every year in France, including 24 % for household use, 48 % for irrigation and 28 % for industry and energy production ? Just in time for the 2014 Paris International Agricultural Show, the latest issue of Les échos d’irstea...

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Sharing water resources

There is water on Earth. However, as P. Barthelemy points out, "The Earth is actually brown, dyed blue." He indicates that despite the planet's blue colour, easily accessible fresh water is very scarce. That's why it's so important to save, preserve and evaluate the resource, now and for the future. Irstea research is currently tackling this universal and practical issue.

Published 10/02/2014

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