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The Antony Centre

The Irstea Antony Center is one of 9 Irstea centers in metropolitan France. The center’s research teams are skilled in the fields of inland waters and wastewater, waste management, refrigeration engineering, the cold chain.

Key figures

  • 3 research units
  • 94 permanent staff including researchers, engineers and technicians
  • 25 PhD students
  • 40 interns from higher education facilities per year
  • 10 HDR (accreditation to supervise PhD research)
    58 top-ranking publications in 2015
  • 47 research contracts, 4 appraisals and 10 ONEMA contracts in 2015
  • An annual budget of 4.2 million euros (excluding the permanent employee payroll), of which 70% comes from own resources through research contracts or services

Our research units

Our platforms

Partner PhD programs

Practical Information