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Benjamin Renard

Researcher in Stochastic Hydrology
Personnal page cemadoc link

Competences fields

Hydrology & Environmental Sciences

Uncertainty quantification

Hydrological modelling

Impact of climate variability and change on hydrologic regimes

Floods and low flows

Local and regional Frequency analysis


Bayesian analysis

Hierarchical modelling

MCMC Methods

Extreme values theory

Non-Gaussian dependences

Degree conferred

2006: PhD in Hydrology. National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France.

Professional experience

Since September 2008

Researcher in Hydrology, Irstea, Lyon, France

February 2007-September 2008

Researche Associate , The University of Newcastle, Australia

October-December 2006

Researche Associate , University Montpellier II, France

October 2003-October 2006

PhD student, CEMAGREF, Lyon, France

April 2001-August 2002

Research assistant (national service volunteer in technical assistance),  French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), Guadeloupe, France

April-September 2000

Intern, INRA Guadeloupe, France


Henri Milon Award 2007 (French Hydrotechnic Society)

Prize for the popularisation of science 2008 (Risk Management Institute)



Extreme Values and Frequency Analysis

Renard, B., K. Kochanek, M. Lang, F. Garavaglia, E. Paquet, L. Neppel, K. Najib, J. Carreau, P. Arnaud, Y. Aubert, F. Borchi, J. M. Soubeyroux, S. Jourdain, J. M. Veysseire, E. Sauquet, T. Cipriani, and A. Auffray - 2013. Data-based comparison of frequency analysis methods: A general framework, Water Resources Research, vol. 49.

Renard, B., X. Sun, and M. Lang - 2013. Bayesian methods for non-stationary extreme value analysis, in: Hydrologic Extremes in a Changing Climate - Detection, Analysis & Uncertainty, edited by S. Sorooshian, D. Easterling, A. AghaKouchak, S. Schubert and K. Hsu.

Renard, B. - 2011. A Bayesian Hierarchical Approach To Regional Frequency Analysis, Water Resources Research, vol. 47.


Garavaglia, F., M. Lang, E. Paquet, J. Gailhard, R. Garcon, and B. Renard - 2011. Reliability and robustness of a rainfall compound distribution model based on weather pattern sub-sampling, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences., vol. 15, n° 2, 519-532.


Neppel, L., B. Renard, M. Lang, P. A. Ayral, D. Coeur, E. Gaume, N. Jacob, O. Payrastre, K. Pobanz and F. Vinet - 2010. Flood frequency analysis using historical data: accounting for random and systematic errors. Hydrological sciences Journal, vol. 55, n° 2

Lang, M., K. Pobanz, B. Renard, E. Renouf and E. Sauquet - 2010. Extrapolation of rating curves by hydraulic modelling and its relative impact on flood frequency analysis with historical data. Hydrological sciences Journal. vol 55, n° 6.

Renard, B., Lang, M. - 2007. Use of a Gaussian copula for multivariate extreme value analysis: some case studies in hydrology. Advances in Water Resources, vol. 30, p. 897 - 912


Renard, B., Garreta, V., Lang, M. - 2006. An application of Bayesian analysis and Markov chain Monte Carlo methods to the estimation of a regional trend in annual maxima. Water resources research, vol. 42


Renard, B., Lang, M., Bois, P. - 2006. Statistical analysis of extreme events in a nonstationary context via a Bayesian framework. Case study with peak-over-threshold data. Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment, vol. 21, n° 2, p. 97 - 112



Uncertainties in hydrologic modelling

Renard, B., D. Kavetski, E. Leblois, M. Thyer, G. Kuczera, and S. W. Franks - 2011. Towards a reliable decomposition of predictive uncertainty in hydrological modeling: Characterizing rainfall errors using conditional simulation, Water Resources Research, vol. 47.


Kuczera, G., D. Kavetski, B. Renard and M. Thyer - 2010. A limited-memory acceleration strategy for MCMC sampling in hierarchical Bayesian calibration of hydrological models. Water Resources Research. vol. 46.

Kuczera, G., B. Renard, M. Thyer and D. Kavetski - 2010. There are no hydrological monsters, just models and observations with large uncertainties! Hydrological sciences Journal, vol. 55, n° 6.

Engeland, K., B. Renard, I. Steinsland and S. Kolberg - 2010. Evaluation of statistical models for forecast errors from the HBV model. Journal of Hydrology, vol. 384, p. 142 - 155

Renard, B., Kavetski, D., Thyer, M., Kuczera, G., Franks, S. - 2009. Understanding predictive uncertainty in hydrologic modeling: The challenge of identifying input and structural errors. Water Resources Research, vol. 46.


Thyer, M., Renard, B., Kavetski, D., Kuczera, G., Franks, S., Srikanthan, S. - 2009. Critical evaluation of parameter consistency and predictive uncertainty in hydrological modeling: A case study using Bayesian total error analysis. Water Resources Research, vol. 45

Renard, B., Kavetski, D., Kuczera, G. - 2009. Comment on "An integrated hydrologic Bayesian multimodel combination framework: Confronting input, parameter, and model structural uncertainty in hydrologic prediction. " by N. K. Ajami, Q. Y. Duan, and S. Sorooshian. Water Resources Research, vol. 45



Climate variability and change, trend detection

Giuntoli, I., B. Renard, J. P. Vidal, and A. Bard - 2013. Low flows in France and their relationship to large scale climate indices, Journal of Hydrology. In press

Bard, A., B. Renard, and M. Lang - 2012. Floods in the Alpine Areas of Europe, in: Changes in flood risk in Europe, edited by Z. W. Kundzewicz, IAHS Press.

Giuntoli, I., B. Renard, and M. Lang - 2012. Floods in France, in: Changes in flood risk in Europe, edited by Z. W. Kundzewicz, IAHS Press.

Renard, B., Lang, M., Bois, P., Dupeyrat, A., Mestre, O., Niel, H., Sauquet, E., Prudhomme, C., Parey, S., Paquet, E., Neppel, L., Gailhard, J. - 2008. Regional methods for trend detection: assessing field significance and regional consistency. Water Resources Research, vol. 44



Other topics

Thyer, M., M. Leonard, D. Kavetski, S. Need, and B. Renard - 2011. The open source RFortran library for accessing R from Fortran, with applications in environmental modelling, Environmental Modelling & Software, 26(2), 219-234

[Chek out RFortran website!] [http://cemadoc.irstea.fr/cemoa/PUB00029840]

Giacomini, A., O. Buzzi, B. Renard and G. P. Giani - 2009. Experimental studies on fragmentation of rock falls on impact with rock surfaces. International Journal of Rock Mechanics & Mining Sciences, vol. 46, p. 708 - 715

Sauvion, N., V. Mauriello, B. Renard and N. Boissot - 2005. Impact of Melon Accessions Resistant to Aphids on the Demographic Potential of Silverleaf Whitefly. Journal of Economic Entomology vol. 98, n° 2, p. 557 - 567 


PhD Thesis

Renard, B. - 2006. Détection et prise en compte d'éventuels impacts du changement climatique sur les extrêmes hydrologiques en France. Thèse de doctorat, INP Grenoble. 361 p.



French articles

Bard, A., B. Renard, and M. Lang - 2012. Tendances observées sur les régimes hydrologiques de l'arc Alpin, La houille blanche(1), 38-43.

Renard, B. - 2008. Détection et prise en compte d'éventuels impacts du changement climatique sur les extrêmes hydrologiques en France. La Houille Blanche, vol. 1, p. 109 - 117.

Gresillon, J.M., Sauquet, E., Renard, B., Lang, M., Leblois, E. - 2007. Changement climatique et événements extrêmes : crues, inondations, sécheresses. Que peut-on dire aujourd'hui ? . Revue française de géotechnique, vol. 120-121, p. 27 - 34


Lang, M., Renard, B. - 2007. Analyse régionale sur les extrêmes hydrométriques en France : détection de changements cohérents et recherche de causalité hydrologique. La houille blanche, vol. 6, p. 83 - 89


Renard, B., Lang, M., Bois, P., Dupeyrat, A., Mestre, O., Niel, H., Gailhard, J., Laurent, C., Neppel, L., Sauquet, E. - 2006. Evolution des extrêmes hydrométriques en France à partir de données observées. La houille blanche, vol. 6, p. 48 - 54

Sauquet, E., Bois, P., Renard, B. - 2006. Observations d'événements extrêmes historiques dans le monde, selon les climats et les réseaux de mesure. La houille blanche, vol. 5, p. 60 - 65


Galea, G., Vasquez Paulus, S., Renard, B., Breil, P. - 2005. L'impact des prélèvements d'eau pour l'irrigation sur les régimes hydrologiques des sous-bassins du Tescou et de la Séoune (bassin Adour-Garonne, France). Revue des sciences de l'eau, vol. 18, n° 3, p. 273 - 305



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