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HHLY - Hydrology – Hydraulics

  • Department : Eaux
  • Center : Lyon-Villeurbanne Centre

The Hydrology-Hydraulics unit is conducting research and technical support for the study of mountainside basins in order to improve the management of water resources and associated flood and drought.

The HHLY research unit

This research focuses on the quantitative and qualitative knowledge of surface waters through coupled modelling of hydrological and hydraulics regimes of river flows as well as in-laboratory and in-situ experimental studies.
In addition, they are used to model rain and small-scale hydrological processes for the spatial representation of the transfer of water, sediments and solutes. Methods and tools being developed will be used to provide responses to the sometimes contradictory social demands associated with water use such as protection against extreme events and river system quality assurance.

The various topics concern the battle against floods and droughts, the sizing of equipment, the maintenance and management of river-beds and the impacts of human activities and climate change on the quantity and quality of water resources.

Research topics

Hazards and risks linked to the water cycle



Hydraulic facilities Irstea Lyon


(to be completed)


  • Hydrology
  • Probabilities and statistics
  • Hydraulics
  • Hydrodynamics
  • Digital analysis
  • Instrumentation and metrology
  • Scientific computing (databases, calculations)
  • Climatology
  • Hydro-climatology
  • Geomatics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Geomorphology
  • Eco-hydrology

Areas of research

  • Modelling of hydrological regimes of mountainside basins and their composition: overflow, flooding and extreme events, precipitation and climate associations; spatial hydrological modelling
  • Hydrological processes
  • Information-processing applied to water management
  • Flows
  • Hydraulic and mechanical modelling of fluids
  • Fluvial morphology and dynamics
  • Solids transport
  • Environmental database
  • Hydrologic inspection of river system ecology (eco-hydrology)
  • Water management and equipment
  • Integrated management

Fields of application

Management of water resources and associated risks
Prevention of flood risks
Quantitative forecasting of water regimes for proper equipment sizing
Management and maintenance of rivers
Study of climate change, human influences and equipment impact on the hydrologic status, water flow and hydrodynamic sediments in humid zones.