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TSCF - Technologies and information systems for agricultural systems

  • Department : Ecotechnologies
  • Center : Clermont-Ferrand

The TSCF research unit

The Technologies and Information Systems for Agricultural System (TSCF) research unit consists of 5 teams and a total of 70 agents across 3 sites: the Cézeaux University Science Center in Aubière (63), the Research and Experimentation Site in Montoldre (03) and the Irstea Center in Antony (92).

The research unit uses the engineering sciences in addition to information and communication sciences and technologies to conduct research on methods and tools used to design agricultural environmental systems.

It also conducts research, tests and appraisals on the safety and performance of agricultural equipment to help improve safety in agriculture and reduce agricultural pollution.

Thanks to its technological research, TSCF provides concrete solutions for eco-friendly, productive agriculture and environmental management. TSCF conducts research as part of the Irstea Environmental Technologies department, within the research topics entitled “Technological innovations for sustainable agriculture and the environment” (INSPIRE) and “Models, information systems and viable management of the environment” (MOTIVE).

With a strong foundation in the regional dynamics of research and innovation, the TSCF research unit is a member of the Laboratory of Excellence IMobS3 (Innovative Mobility: Smart and Sustainable Solutions). It is also a stakeholder in the State-Auvergne Region Project Agreement, developing special scientific partnerships in this context. Moreover, it helps develop a solid relationship between these research activities and the needs of the economic sector within the framework of the Viaméca and Céréales Vallée competitive clusters.


Research topics




Experimental facilities

To achieve its goals, the research unit has access to the following experimental facilities across the three sites: 


Jean-Pierre Chanet
Director of the research unit

Michel Berducat
Deputy Director of the research unit; in charge of innovation and industrial partnerships

Contact a member of the research unit: firstname.lastname@irstea.fr


The TSCF research unit is located on three sites:

  • Irstea Clermont-Ferrand Center – 9 avenue Blaise Pascal – CS 20085 – 63178 Aubière – Tel. +33 (0)4 73 44 06 00
  • Montoldre Research and Experimentation Site – Domaine des Palaquins -40 route de Chazeuil 03150 Montoldre – Tel. +33 (0)4 70 47 74 10
  • Irstea Antony Center – 1 rue Pierre-Gilles de Gennes- CS 10030 – 92761 Antony Cedex – Tel. +33 (0)1 40 96 61 21