The industrial portfolio is composed of 47 outright ownership patents, 9 co-ownership patents, 22 brands and 22 software programmes.

In 2010, four French patent applications (including two co-ownership patents) and a brand application were submitted to the INPI (French Intellectual Property Institute). Seven software programmes were submitted to the APP, the French agency for programme protection.

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Professional software production is one of Irstea’s most important enhancement activities.

Irstea’s main software areas are:

  • Water networks: speed simulation in full pipes, operation of an extensive irrigation network, simulation for operating a mesh network for water supply and peak flow calculation in a mesh network under pressure. This relates to Porteau, Cebel and Bel software.
  • Free surface hydraulics: simulation of hydraulic irrigation canals, calculation of free surface hydraulics, characteristics of waves causing dam failure. This relates to Beaver Canal9 and CIS software.

The software is marketed at those who work in the field, both public and private. This marketing is generally based on support which takes the form of training activities and knowledge transfer.
The users of these software programmes according to each of application are:

  • Water networks: water distribution and management services, regional authorities, research departments, government services (Departmental and Regional Management)
  • Free service hydraulics: specialised research departments, government services (Departmental and Regional Management), regional authorities, research organisations, administrators and educational establishments.
  • Hydraulic works: research departments, government services (Departmental and Regional Management), development companies, agricultural hydraulics: chambers of agriculture, research departments, fitters and farmers.

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