2011 Symposia

A preparatory seminar for the World Water Forum

A preparatory seminar for the World Water Forum on the European region: restoring rivers “Forging objectives and solutions for rivers and restoring aquatic ecosystems” took place in Ljubljana in Slovenia from 16 to 18 November 2011.
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Forestry indicators on the path to sustainable management

Within the framework of the international forest year, Cemagref (National Centre of Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Engineering, and Water and Forests), the IFN (French National Forest Inventory) and GIP Ecofor (Forest Ecosystems public interest group) are organising the symposium entitled "Forestry indicators on the path to sustainable management?" in Montargis, on 6th and 7th December 2011.

As demographics, technologies and consumption continue to evolve, our contemporary societies have been led to wonder more and more about the sustainable nature of their activities.
The forestry sector is first and foremost concerned by this type of introspection. The complexity of the matter and its multi-dimensional nature mean that, to tackle it, different monitoring processes have been set up to make it easier to evaluate forestry strategies and practices.  Each of them is founded on a system of criteria and indicators from which public dashboards are set up and put up for debate.
This is how they are particularly appreciated by national politicians within the framework of the inter-ministerial conferences on protecting forests in Europe ("Forest Europe"), the eco-certificate approaches (PEFC, FSC...), the heritage report on forestry management (case of the National Forestry Office).
Two decades after implementation, these tools deserve to feature in a first report on their use in France.
This is the aim of this symposium, organised within the framework of the International Year of Forests that, through actions and discussions, aiming to identify paths for progressive improvement

Registration deadline: 21 November 2011

Programme and registration information

The Commission on Forest Genetic Resources celebrates its 20-year anniversary

The Commission on Forest Genetic Resources celebrates its 20-year anniversary on 16 November 2011.

On this occasion, the CRGF is organising a symposium.

Co-organised by the Cemagref Nogent-sur-Vernisson centre, this symposium will be held in the amphitheatre of the FCBA (Technological Institute of Forest Cellulose Wood Construction and Furniture-building).

The symposium will consist of talks and round table discussions with three main objectives: 

  • bring together the stakeholders directly or indirectly concerned by the preservation of genetic forest resources and inform them of the strategies which have been implemented in France, Europe and the rest of the world;
  • raise the awareness of decision-makers regarding the new stakes surrounding genetic resources in association with issues such as biodiversity and forest adaptation to climate change;
  • suggest courses of action that are adapted to these new stakes.

The programme and registration details are available on the CRGF 2011 website

Ecotechs' 2011

On 17 and 18 October 2011, the ECOTECHS' 2011 Symposium will take place at Montoldre in Allier, at the Cemagref Clermont-Ferrand Centre for research and experimentation.

The symposium will focus on the topic of sensors and their use in the environmental field including agriculture.

All information is available on the following website: http://ecotechs.cemagref.fr/

Scientific contact:

Marie-Odile Monod – +33(0)4 73 44 06 16

General organisation:

Irène Mingot – +33(0)4 70 47 74 24 or Eliane Simon – +33(0)4 73 44 06 76 – ecotechs.clermont@irstea.fr

Cultural and opinion dynamics - Modeling, experiments and Challenges for the future

The seminar “Cultural and opinion dynamics: modelling, experiments and Challenges for the future" will take place in Vienne from 12-16 September 20011. It is one of the “satellite meetings” from the ECCS 2011 conference (European Conference for Complex Systems).

It is jointly organised by Guillaume Deffuant and Sylvie Huet of LISC at Cemagref, Timotéo Caletti of the University of Namur in Belgium/The Namur Complex Systems Centre and Floriana Gargiulo of INED.

This seminar is the first seminar dedicated to cultural and opinion dynamics. It aims to report on recent progress on this young paradigm of social simulation, which has been around for some fifteen years. It will used as a focal point for a special edition of Advances for Complex Systems, and will bring together the best contributions.

Between thirty and fifty participants are expected to attend this event.

Find out more:  http://eccs2011.eu//


Communicating science to school audiences

The "Communicating science to school audiences" symposium will take place on 21st September in Paris.

Under the aegis of Public Communication, an association of PR managers in public institutions, sponsored by the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Associations, this symposium was organised by research organisations (CEA, Cemagref, Genopole®, IFREMER, INSERM, Institut Pasteur, IRD) and the Greater Nancy local authority, with the CASDEN competitive examinations.

This meeting's priorities were: raising ideas and encouraging talks between science producers and the educational community to communicate science to school audiences more effectively, to give young people a taste and a yearning for sciences.
Sharing and feedback on practices, research into lines of innovation, discussion around new issues were all at the heart of this event.

Practical information:
Wednesday 21 September 2011, 9am to 5pm at the Institut Pasteur
Scientific Information Centre (C.I.S.), 28 rue du Docteur Roux, Paris 15th arrondissement.

Free entry with advance registration and while spots are available
Sign up now: isabelle.frederic@casden.banquepopulaire

SciTech Europe

Advancing Research, Innovation and Collaboration - 24 November 2011, The Square, Brussels Meeting Centre

At our 3rd annual SciTech Europe conference we will explore how to develop an integrated approach to research and create the right conditions for innovation, invention & industry to flourish. Delegates will gain a strong understanding of European science policy, and have the opportunity to engage with stakeholders, funding agencies & leading academics.
This prestigious international conference will bring the European science community together where speakers will discuss:

  • Collaborate European research
  • How to achieve better value for money and successful outcomes
  • The development of innovative health solutions and achieving excellence in life sciences
  • Frontier research and the latest technologies
  • How best to take innovative ideas and pioneering solutions into the commercial market
  • Addressing the unprecedented global challenges such as climate change, healthcare, energy and food security

This will provide the platform for the opportunity to forge new networks, promote frontier research and debate the key initiatives that can benefit science and society.
Read more

Public Service Events are inviting all delegates to attend a complimentary drinks reception in the Panoramic Hall, The Square on the evening of 23rd November from 19:30 to 22:00.
Register to attend

Fully confirmed panel of Speakers include:

  • Dr. Anneli Pauli, Directorate-General Research, European Commission "Making Europe a World-Class Science Performer"
  • Professor Enric Banda, President of Euroscience "Developing the Vision on a Globally Competitive European Research Area"
  • Professor Maria Leptin, Member of the Management Committee of the Initiative for Science in Europe and Director of EMBO
  • Dr. Ayoade MJ. Oduola, Coordinator, Stewardship for Infectious Diseases of poverty (STE), World Health Organisation "Creating the Conditions for Innovation to Flourish and Reach the Market"
  • Dr. Katrien Maes, Chief Policy Officer, League of European Research Universities
  • Professor Anthony J Ryan OBE, Board member, STFC Science Council; Pro-Vice Chancellor, Faculty of Science, Sheffield University
  • Joanna Chataway, Director, Innovation and Technology, RAND Europe
  • Iztok Lesjak, President of the International Association of Science Parks, European Division
  • Dr. John Smith, Deputy Secretary General of the European University Association (EUA) "Capitalising On Research and Innovation"

Places are limited to 250 and are awarded on a first come, first served basis

If you wish to register your interest in exhibiting or delivering a workshop, you can submit your contact details online and one of our advisors will be in touch shortly.

Contacts :

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Luke Boulter
Marketing Executive
+44 (0) 161 831 7111

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Irstea and protecting biodiversity

On Monday 21 June at the Irstea station at St Seurin sur l’Isle (department 33), the first stone was laid of the new building dedicated to the preservation of young European sturgeons resulting from successful artificial reproduction that Irstea scientists have succeeded in carrying out since 2007.  

Alain Rousset, president of the Aquitaine regional council, and Patrick Lavarde, director general of Onema, participated in this event on which occasion Roger Genet, director general of Irstea and the researchers of the institute inaugurated the exhibition “Biodiversity at Cemagref, from

Discover the exhibition on the website "Biodiversity at Cemagref"

The press release

The press kit

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Irstea at the forum "Science, research and society"

Every year, the magazine La recherche and the newspaper le Monde hold a science debate at the secondary school Collège de France: Health, energy, environment, new technologies… Many questions with high stakes for our societies are the topic of discussion at these conferences open to anybody who is curious. Irstea, partner of the 2011 edition which will be held on 16 June, will participate. Come and join us!

Programme and registration







Impact of town planning on peri-urban rivers

The 1st conference based on the urban hydrology ground observatory (OTHU) will take place in Lyon on 9th June 2011.

The results of the AVUPUR (Assessing the Vulnerability of Peri-Urban Rivers) research programmes will be revealed during the conference entitled "Impact of town planning on peri-urban rivers". AVUPUR was partly developed to support the OTHU, of which Irstea (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research) is a member, and works on assessing the vulnerability of peri-urban rivers. The conference aims to raise awareness as widely as possible on advancing knowledge regarding how peri-urban basins work hydro-geomorphologically, plus the operational tools developed within the framework of the programme.


AVUPUR is a research project financed by the National Research Agency (ANR), taken on by 6 multidisciplinary research laboratories since 2008.  The project aims to study and model the impact of town planning and humans on the peri-urban basins concerning water flows and the rivers' hydrological regime.


Forecasting in public research bodies

The Irstea Institute is jointly organising a workshop on 8th and 9th June in Vienne to discuss forecasting in research bodies within the European framework of FP7 (7th PCRD).

In a society and an economy founded on knowledge, it is increasingly difficult for research organisations to define research strategies and priorities in forecasting.

Research organisations must play a front line role within the research and innovation system and help to mould our future by selecting research topics capable of solving future problems in society. Many extramural research organisations occupy or attempt to occupy a "think-tank" position. The shareholders and the financing institutions for research organisations are particularly calling for strategies to be developed to sustain research and innovation policies. Political decision-makers in many other fields such as health, food and agriculture, land-use management, energy, the environment, etc. are also awaiting information on possible futures from the research organisations to construct the most appropriate public policies. As a consequence, the research organisations must take into account many external factors and strategies from other stakeholders in defining priorities and research programmes for the years to come.
The use of forecasting methods has become commonplace over the last few years in public research organisations in order to control the difficult task of defining research strategies and priorities or even drawing up public policies. Thanks to participation from different internal and external experts, forecasting allows us to tackle the opportunities, risks and challenges facing these organisations.

Research organisations have used different methods and ways of organising to incorporate and turn the results of forecasting exercises into management actions. Methods such as planning scenarios, organising participative workshops and creating technological "road-maps" are combined, for example, when they run forecasting on the organisation.

Whilst some organisations have had to perform forecasting on an occasional basis, for example, helped by consultants, others have even institutionalised the development of internal forecasting and carry it out continuously.

The aim of the seminar is to share research organisations' experience in the area of forecasting as an internal strategic reflection instrument (restructuring) and for defining external policies.
In this respect, the seminar is conceived to illustrate best practices for forecasting and to discuss the strategies to follow in the light of new challenges for research.
The main questions to tackle are:

  • What methods are particularly relevant to be combined with forecasting projects?
  • What are the typical management strategy questions that forecasting can address?
  • How can results from the forecasting projects be turned into research programmes?
  • How can organisational forecasting be coordinated with political forecasting?
  • How can external participants be incorporated into a forecasting exercise?
  • Could forecasting act as a mediation instrument between science and society?
  • What do the political decision-makers expect and how can we assure that study results from public research organisations forecasting are properly transferred to decision-makers?

Target public:
Directors and managers involved in forecasting, research strategy and programming, political decision-makers in charge of defining the research policy and administration of public research organisations, members of consultancy or monitoring councils.

Sign up by email before 30 April 2011 on: karin.bichler@ait.ac.at
Workshop programme on the European Foresight Platform site (EFP)

The 7th French-speaking EDA sessions 2011

The 7th French-speaking sessions on the Data Warehouses and Online Analysis, EDA 2011, will take place in Clermont-Ferrand on 8th and 9th June 2011.

Over the last few years, online analysis technologies (OLAP) and data storage technologies have become fundamental and essential tools in decision-making computing.  Today, they have come up against new scientific challenges that emerge with the proliferation of new types of data (spatial, flows, evolutional, etc.), new architectures and infrastructures (cloud, Data Web, etc.) and growing volumes. This evolution raises scientific obstacles that require new approaches to be defined for architectures, integration, modelling, questioning and optimising.
The French-speaking conference on the data warehouses and online analysis (EDA), now in its 7th year, aims to create an opportunity to meet and exchange for researchers, industry leaders and French and French speaking users interested in progress made in data warehouses and online analysis.
We are inviting researchers, PhD students and experts who are interested in these fields to present their research works or applications developed around original technological aspects.

Find out more

EURALISC Congress in Lyon

IRSTEA (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research) is organising the EURASLIC congress from 17th to 20th May 2001 in Lyon, the European Congress for Water Science Librarians.

This event will bring together around fifty professionals from the field to tackle the following topics: open archives, bibliometrics, bibliographic software, electronic theses and activities from our European partners.

International seminar on social LCA

The international seminar on social LCA will take place on 5th and 6th May at Agropolis International in Montpellier. This scientific seminar will summarise recent developments in evaluating the social impacts of product life cycles. This refers to exchanging on models and methods currently being drawn up. This seminar is mainly aimed at scientific managers of social assessment for product lines in companies, and at researchers who are interested in social LCA.

Technical sessions on compensatory measures

Registration is now closed. The national technical sessions on compensatory measures in land transport infrastructure projects are being organised by IRSTEA and the Mediterranean CETE (Equipment Ministry Technical Study Centre) on 29th and 30th March in Aix-en-Provence.

These sessions aimed to contribute to regulation obligations in terms of compensatory measures, their operational implementation, their management and their monitoring, the compensatory measures and land management articulation.
They target project owners and project managers for linear infrastructure operations, territorial authorities, design offices, motorway concession companies, examining services, the scientific community, naturalist associations, natural space administrators, etc.

These sessions are organised by Irstea and CETE Méditerranée (Technical Study and Engineering Centre) within the framework of the INTERMOPES research programmes  (ITTECOP call for offers for Predit 4, Ministry for the Environment).

We have received a very large number of demands for registration and the '13 vents' lecture hall, where these technical sessions will take place, has reached its maximum capacity for both days. Despite all attempts to allow more people to participate, we have not found an alternative that can meet our security requirements and the reception quality required for this type of event.
Consequently, we have been forced to close registration before the deadline.

We would like to thank you for your interest in this issue and in this event.

We would like to invite you to download the minutes from these sessions that will be available this autumn on the websites for Mediterranean CETE and Irstea.

The organisers

The éditions Quæ at the 2011 Paris Book Fair

The publisher éditions Quae will be present at the next Paris Book Fair from 18 to 21 March. Events and conferences open to the public are on the agenda.

Four events and book signings are scheduled at the stall (P23, Hall 1, porte de Versailles):

  • 18 March: Dany Griffon and Jean-Paul Hébert will hold a book signing of their book "Toutes les bières moussent-elles?" [Does all beer foam?] whilst holding a tasting of beers from around the world.
  • 19 March: Daniel Desbruyères will hold a book signing of his book "Les trésors des abysses" ([Treasures from the Abysses], which explores specimens from the great depths.
  • 20 March from 12pm to 2pm: Véronique Leclerc will hold a book signing of her book "Les secrets des algues" [The Secret of Seaweed], a CEMAGREF book co-authored by Jean-Yves Floc'h, professor emeritus of the University of West Brittany. Also, discover seaweed at the conference “Science for Everybody” on the topic of seaweed at 6pm.
  • 20 March from 3pm to 5pm: Gérard Corthier will hold a book signing of his book "Bonnes bactéries et bonne santé" [Good Bacteria and Good Health].

The éditions Quae
The Paris Book Fair website

The forest’s place in the life of men and women

In the context of the International Year of Forests, Unesco’s Man and Biosphere committee is organising a conference on the forest’s place in the life of men and women. Cemagref is participating.

Marion Gosselin, scientist at Irstea, will participate on 15 March in a conference-debate presented by Denis Cheissoux, journalist at France-Inter, on the forest’s place in the life of men and women. This conference is organised by the French committee of Unesco’s "Man and Biosphere" (MAB) programme. It is addressed to primary and secondary school students who can ask questions to the experts who have gathered there.

"The forest’s place in the life of men and women"
Tuesday 15 March, at Jussieu auditorium in Paris, 2pm to 5pm.

GroundWater – Management of underground water resources

A conference on groundwater resource management will be held in Orléans on 14, 15 and 16 March 2011. This conference was organised by AFEID (French Association for Irrigation Water and Drainage) with 4 research organisations: Cemagref (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research), BRGM (Geological and Mining Research Office), Cirad (Agricultural Research for Development) and IRD (Development Research Institute) plus both agriculture chambers from the Loiret and Eure-et-Loir departments and many partners (ONEMA (National Office of Water and Aquatic Environments), LB and SN water agencies, FAO.). This is the 24th European conference for International Irrigation and Drainage Commission (for which AFEID is the French committee) labelled the preparatory event for the 6th World Water Forum.

The main issue involved drawing up common rules to manage overexploited underground water throughout the world, mainly for agricultural purposes, and to conserve its quality, depending on its use.

  • The first day will be devoted to the international aspect of the topic area.
  • The second day will revolve around a focus on managing the Beauce groundwater table, an area where Cemagref has played an active role via the UMR G-Eau (Joint Research Unit on water management).
  • The third day will involve a location visit organised by farmers from the Beauce region.


Irstea at SIMA

The new edition of SIMA, international farming equipment trade fair for responsible farming, took place from 20th to 24th February 2011. Irstea participated on the good practices stand.

Some 15 organisations came together for the 5th time at the good practices stand at SIMA, top trade fair for responsible farming technologies. Among them, Irstea proposed conferences and symposiums on the topics of eco-design, the use of phytosanitary products, spreading and the latest technological innovations.

At the Good Practices stall (Hall 5A stand H5):

Irstea proposed 4 half-hour conferences on innovations on research perfected by Irstea researchers and engineers.

  • Spraying: by-products  in major crops
  • Protection of phytosanitary product users
  • Towards finer assessment of energy performance from farming by using NICTs
  • Tool to help environmental assessment of spreading organic matter.

A symposium (AGORA SIMA/Hall 3)

Irstea organised a symposium on 22nd February entitled "Eco-design: the solution for tomorrow's farming equipment?"

Eco-design is the approach that takes into account the environmental impact in design and development of a product and incorporates the environmental aspects throughout its life cycle.
Most constructors are already including environmental concerns and to help them in this task, researchers and engineers have implemented tools, such as Life Cycle Analysis, and steps. This symposium, including a round table discussion, aims to bring together users and constructors.

15 organismes étaient réunis pour la 5e fois dans l'espace bonnes pratiques au SIMA, salon de référence des technologies pour une agriculture responsable. Parmi eux, Irstea a proposé conférences et colloques sur les thèmes de l'écoconception, l'usage des produits phytosanitaires, l'épandage, et les dernières innovations technologiques.

The complete programme of the symposium and conferences organised by Irstea

Find out more about the Good Practices Corner and all proposed activities

Café des lumières "A walk in the forest!"

This year, 2011, is the International Year of Forests. In this context, the Montparnasse Community Centre is organising a coffee-house-debate at the Montparnasse activity centre on Thursday 20 January 2011 at 7pm.

Yoan Paillet, forest engineer at Cemagref, will present an outline of research in forest management, biodiversity and nature.

The Montparnasse activity centre