Precision agriculture and sustainable agriculture: Irstea at SIMA 2019

Irstea is attending SIMA 2019 from February 24 to 28. How can we feed the planet using fewer pestic…

Michel Lang, Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee of the Société Hydrotechnique de France

On January 1, 2019, Michel Lang, a flood specialist from Irstea's Lyon-Villeurbanne Center, was nam…

Composting gains popularity

Composting is a waste treatment process that is currently gaining popularity. Drawing from its exte…
Canoés sur la Drôme

River management: another way of seeing and deciding

Greater engagement of users and residents in managing their river is essential to properly shared a…

Creating a weather service to improve ski resort snow management

Faced with natural variability in snowfall exacerbated by the effects of climate change, improving …
La station de ski de Megève en hiver © Nicole Sardat / Irstea

Anticipating future snowfall in ski resorts to guide development choices

Will there be snow this ski season? This is a recurring and important question for snow resorts tha…