Territories 05/06/2019

The contrasting future of snow cover in 21st century French ski resorts

Two new studies on future changes to snow cover in Alpine and Pyrenean ski resorts in the 21st cent…
Bacteria © Fotolia
Ecotechnologies 04/06/2019

Publication: Do bacteria look like cocktail sausages?

Bacteria are often perceived as an enemy to destroy, with household cleaning products boastfully ad…
Ecotechnologies 03/06/2019

Storing renewable energy to improve consumption

Storing energy, particularly on an industrial scale, is a key advantage in the efficient use of ren…
Sénéchas Dam (Department 30) © Simon Dieudonne
Water 03/06/2019

A unique platform for hydraulic structures

Irstea’s Geomechanics Platform offers state of the art equipment and expertise in hydraulic develop…
Institute 27/05/2019

Understanding biodiversity and observing its evolution

Irstea is carrying out research to better understand the state of biodiversity and its evolution in…
Institute 27/05/2019

Irstea, an international biodiversity stakeholder

Irstea is prioritizing issues linked to biodiversity in its research agenda. As a recognized partic…