Bacteria © Fotolia
Ecotechnologies 04/06/2019

Publication: Do bacteria look like cocktail sausages?

Bacteria are often perceived as an enemy to destroy, with household cleaning products boastfully ad…
Ecotechnologies 03/06/2019

Storing renewable energy to improve consumption

Storing energy, particularly on an industrial scale, is a key advantage in the efficient use of ren…
Ecotechnologies 02/05/2019

PRISM, a imaging platform unique in Europe

The widely recognized PRISM platform offers public and private research partners cutting-edge imagi…
Slurry containing ice mini-crystals © G. Maisonneuve
Ecotechnologies 03/04/2019

Hydrate slurries lead to fewer toxic fluids in the refrigeration sector

Whether to preserve food and medicine or to provide air-conditioning for buildings or hospitals, pr…
Ecotechnologies 06/02/2019

Cooperation and artificial intelligence: the advantages of an efficient robot in the field

As a result of the ADAP2E project, Irstea researchers have created robots capable of adapting to a …
Ecotechnologies 06/02/2019

BLISS, the sprayer with almost no drift

Reducing the use of phytosanitary products is a major issue. To find a solution, the farming sector…