Modular Community Compost Bin Wins Innovation Prize

Designed with the help of Irstea researchers and constructed by Emeraude, this modular community compost bin has been awarded the Durabili-Ty Competition Innovation Prize.

A partnership between Irstea and the ethical company Emeraude has produced a compost bin that can be adapted to meet the needs of residential neighbourhoods, schools and hotels or restaurants in both urban and rural areas.

Emeraude based the attractive and ergonomic multi-compartment compost bin on joint work carried out by the company and Jean-Claude Benoist and his team at the Irstea centre in Rennes. At the same time, they improved the composting procedure.

The compost bin can be installed in any storage area. Waste can be easily transferred from one compartment to another and aerated using the modules’ aerated base. This ventilation, coupled with the composting procedure, reduces the risk of odour and accelerates the decomposition process. The design also facilitates turning waste during composting (mid-height platform, removable panels).

Emeraude has been awarded the Durabili-Ty prize, a donation of 34,300 euros, to build the composter. The prize is a welcome boost for a product that could contribute to making sustainable development processes a cornerstone of society.

This video demonstrates how the compost bin works:

For further information:
  • Patent pending no. 11.58495 (Irstea formerly Cemagref, EMERAUDE I.D). Multi-compartment compost bin and composting procedure using this type of compost bin.  Irstea - GERE RU, Rennes.

  • Emeraude ID is a non-profit organisation under law 1901 comprising 200 employees and incorporating a sheltered employment company, Emeraude Création.

  • The Durabili-Ty competition was organised by Anticipas Science Park, Côtes d’Armor Developpement and Lannion-Trégor Council.