Publication: the Springer Handbook of Robotics is online

The aim of the second edition of the Springer Handbook of Robotics was to produce an authoritative reference for this flourishing and rapidly developing field. Bringing together over 200 authors and including 700 videos, this reference book has been written for researchers, students and others looking to learn about the subject. The various aspects of robotics, including agricultural robotics, are discussed over 80 chapters.

Roland Lenain, Irstea researcher and leader of the robotics and mobility team, participated in writing 2 chapters.

Let’s take a closer look at his contributions.

Written by 3 contributors (Claude Samson, Pascal Morin and Roland Lenain), chapter 49, Modelling and Control of Wheeled Mobile Robots, looks at the means and methods of ensuring a robot follows its reference trajectory, primarily using the regulation system (actuators) within the vehicle. One of the main difficulties in robotics is ensuring that an autonomous robot follows its trajectory regardless of any unforeseen events or non-optimal terrain conditions. These results will be particularly useful for farmers using agricultural robots to help run their operations. Several projects are currently ongoing at Irstea, including I-LEED (developing a mobile robot able to measure the amount and quality of grass available for pasture) and ADAPT2E (developing a robot able to process vines and help winegrowers plan and control spraying in real time and space). 

In what ways and situations can robotics be used to solve problems in Agriculture and Forest Management? That is the question that Roland Lenain and the other 3 authors of chapter 56, Robotics in Agriculture Forestry, asked themselves.

To answer this question, they have incorporated several case studies, providing a wide overview of the progress made and applications developed over the past decade in agriculture and forest management. This chapter also provides an opportunity to look at future developments and technologies currently on the market.

The Springer Handbook of Robotics can be consulted in full online for $229. The videos, however, are freely available.

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