Reducpol: high technology spraying

One of the new directions for the Ecophyto plan is the development of effective techniques for phytosanitary application that are respectful of human health and the environment. Work carried out by Irstea focuses on projects that lead either to decreasing the doses of pesticide products or reducing the impact from the use of these products.

Irstea has dedicated scientific facilities, including the Reducpol platform in Montpellier.

Research and evaluations

Pesticide application tests © P. Latron (Look at Sciences agency)Reducpol is an impressive platform! It contains no less than 3,000 m2 of complete and original facilities dedicated to assessing the quality of spray material application, and the leakage of these products outside the application field. 


  • study the mechanics of spraying (pesticides, drugs, cosmetics, etc.),
  • evaluate the quality of application of spraying material (type of drops, fragmentation, deposits on plants),
  • as well as the environmental impact of spraying due to the transfer of phytosanitary products to the environment (drift, air emissions, soil deposits),
  • and crop processing technologies, to support design and public policy.

The platform meets economic, regulatory, normative and societal needs.

For this reason, the work carried out by the scientists at the facility is very diverse: from participating in research projects to developing and testing new processes and standards testing.…

3,000 m2 of facilities

To evaluate spraying materials, the platform is equipped with:

  • a laser velocimeter-granulometer: measuring the size and speed of droplets, measuring air speed
  • a boom distribution bench: automatically measuring boom distribution to a span of 36 meters
  • a full set of metrological equipment to evaluate agricultural spraying.

Finally, to study the deposit and transfer of phytosanitary products to the environment, the teams have access to:  

  • a wind tunnel: air-conditioned test section, variable winds from 0 to 10m/s.

Pesticide application tests © P. Latron (Look at Sciences agency)

An artificial vine

Irstea's expertise is also used in the creation of innovative new products, such as the EvaSprayViti test bench, which mimics a natural vine and measures the performance of pesticide sprayers. This project was carried out in collaboration with the French Institute of the Vine (IFV) and was an award winner at the International Exhibition for the Vine-Wine, Fruit-Vegetable and Olive-Growing Sectors (SITEVI) in 2013. A potential on-site monitoring tool?

Good to know

As an experimental platform for spraying, ReducPol is one of 4 experimental platforms making up the "Ecotechnology for agricultural bioprocesses" regional platform.

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