2015 Annual Report

2015: Irstea asserts its uniqueness

Irstea focuses on important or emerging topics that are increasingly necessary to deal with the challenges currently facing society. The research institution is now a recognized expert in water management, water management risks, land management and environmental technologies. The French minister of research presented our role during COP21 in Le Bourget and the Grand Palais when he discussed our work on water quality, resources and irrigation; environmentally friendly refrigeration; the study of forests in the context of climate change and more.

The year 2015 was punctuated by other results in the support of sustainable land management such as water purification techniques adapted to tropical climates, microbial bioindicators, robots and digital guidance tools for agriculture, and new mapping tools for wood resources. This document outlines several examples of this type of research - so emblematic of our institution - as well as other results that will help shape our land and resources of the future. The report also provides an overview of the key stages of ongoing internal projects relating to the organization and integration of our centers into the French regional higher education and research system.

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