Agroecology: a free MOOC for everyone, designed by experts

Will it be possible to feed more than 9 billion people by 2050, while preserving our natural resources? Using natural processes (soil biodiversity, combining crop and livestock farming, etc.) to improve and increase production, agroecology can help us to meet this challenge. It will involve limiting the use of pesticides, fertilizers and fuel, for example, by maintaining optimal agricultural production levels.  

What are the various agroecological approaches? How are they implemented? Discover this new way of farming, from your own home or workplace, using a free online course!

Theoretical contributions to field observations 

After bringing together over 12,000 participants online during the first session in 2016, the Agroecology MOOC organized by Montpellier SupAgro will return from February 17 to April 22 for a second run. It will take place in French and English using the FUN platform. The course will look at the foundations of agroecology through a combination of agronomy, ecology and social sciences along with its applications in farming practices and the agroecological transition.

Each participant is invited to share their knowledge and field observations to supplement the theoretical input provided by teacher-researchers. By giving registered students the possibility to discuss amongst themselves, the innovative platform aims to create a joint approach to agroecology based on a pluralistic and international vision.

The mooc is aimed at:

  • Professionals, to consolidate their knowledge: researchers, participants in the farming industry (farmers, consultants, chambers of agriculture, etc.), public decision-makers, etc.
  • Students, to gain knowledge in this field.
  • Interested members of the public to share and supplement their knowledge with other participants.
  • Anyone who is interested in familiarizing themselves with agroecology

You can register for the MOOC until March 6 on this link.

While you are waiting for the 1st course, take a look at this trailer:

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