Anders Mårell appointed to the committee of experts on adaptive species management

Anders Mårell, a forest ecology researcher at Irstea, has been appointed to the newly created committee of experts on adaptive species management. This appointment highlights the excellence of his work and his reputation as an expert in the field.

The new committee of experts on adaptive species management, created on March 7, 2019, will replace the experts group on birds and hunting. It will provide the Ministry in charge of matters related to hunting with recommendations on bird species quotas using inventory and sampling data analyzed by the relevant public organizations. Initially, six species will be submitted to the committee for consideration: Turtle Dove, Curlew, Black-tailed Godwit, Common Pochard, Capercaillie and Greylag Goose.

6 bird species


One committee of experts to manage species conservation

According to the principle of adaptive management, quotas should be adjusted based on the conservation status of wildlife species populations. They can be lowered if a species is in danger, or increased if conservation conditions are good. In order for this principle to be implemented, improvements must be made to the data collection process for all relevant stakeholders: public organizations, hunting federations and other organizations.

The principle of adaptive management also requires that the collected data be transferred to an expert organization whose legitimacy cannot be questioned and who will be responsible for drawing up species quota recommendations. A decree has created this expert organization, known as the "committee of experts on adaptive management."

The committee will provide the Ministry responsible for hunting with recommendations on species quotas using data, studies and research focusing on the relevant species and their habitats. When relating to migratory birds, the recommendations will take into account populations across their full range. The work of the committee of experts will be based specifically on inventory data and samples analyzed by competent public organizations as well as on work performed by research organizations and relevant inventory and wildlife fauna management organizations.

The committee will include a president and 14 scientists, including Anders Mårell. The scientists were selected by the Ministry responsible for hunting following consultation with the National Hunting Federation and the most relevant environmental protection associations.