Global and climate change: 55 plans for action in the service of the environment

Increasing global temperatures, more frequent extreme weather events, finite natural resources, urbanization, demographic flows, etc.: our society is currently feeling the impact of lifestyle choices that are the result of a certain level of development. Confronted with global change, we must now anticipate its effects, adapt and either reduce its causes or invent a new, sustainable type of development.

Research plays an important part in identifying, analyzing and modeling the changes affecting society and the environment. As part of COP21 to be held in Paris in December, scientists have come together to distribute their work as well as to share current knowledge and proposed solutions.

Irstea is a targeted research institute dedicated to supporting public policy. For many years, its work has provided tools and methods to support regional stakeholders in managing water, forests, natural hazards, agriculture and general environmental quality as well as to build a sustainable future..

These 55 specific action plans for sustainable regional development were brought together in a book and accompanying electronic documents and videos hosted on a dedicates website

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