Irstea at the 5th National Conference on Biodiversity

Biodiversity is at the heart of national and local policymaking today, with the vote on the Biodiversity bill coming up and the future French Agency for Biodiversity getting ready for a January opening.  

Irstea poster for the 5th National Conference on BiodiversityBiodiversity is a long-established research area for Irstea, which specializes in forest and aquatic biodiversity. Irstea is also a resource center for the Ministry of Ecology on the green and blue belt. Irstea is a founding member of the Biodiversity Research Foundation, the only research institution recognized by the ministry for its national strategy for biodiversity. Irstea will participate in the National Conference on Biodiversity in Dijon on June 10 and 11. Come discuss the following topics with Irstea: 

  • Observation and assessment of biodiversity, with a presentation by Frédéric Gosselin on Wednesday, June 10 at 17:00, during conference debate no. 3: Monitoring the state of biodiversity: understanding multiple observations and assessments.
  • Restoring aquatic environments, Philippe Boët will co-host the ONEMA workshop (partner 3), on Thursday, June 11 at 9:00: Restoring aquatic environments, acting for biodiversity
  • The quality of grasslands, with Grégory Loucougaray as host on Thursday, June 11 at 9:00, conference debate no. 5: Grasslands, assisting nature and the quest for biodiversity

Website and program of the 5th National Conference on Biodiversity

Biodiversity : a lesson for everybody !

First MOOC on Biodiversity. This free online course, organized by UVED, is open to all and offers a weekly class from May 4 to learn about biodiversity. Five researchers from Irstea will be participating in the event. 

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