Irstea at the 8th Water Forum in Brasilia

The Forum brought together decision-makers, politicians, experts and citizens from over 160 countries for a week to present technical solutions and promote the implementation of political actions to face challenges in the field of water resources.

Irstea researchers were in attendance at Pavillon France coordinated by the French Water Partnership (FWP), giving talks and participating in conferences and round table talks organized by the Forum.

Our researchers’ talks at the World Water Form

  • March 19 - 13:00-14:00 - Event Agriculture faced with the risk of doubt: what can be done? » Organized by the FWP - Talk by Maria-Héléna RAMOS (HYCAR)
  • March 20 - 14:30-16:00 - Conference Circular economy: REUT in the Mediterranean and regional impact - Talk by José Martinez – DAI
  • March 22 - 13:00-14:00 - Event Valuing biodiversity: what are benefits for the qualitative and quantitative water management? Organized by the FWP - Talk by Maria-Héléna RAMOS and Bernard Vincent (HYCAR)
  • March 22 - 14:00-14:45 - Discussions over coffee, organized by ASTEE What are the benefits of ecological engineering projects? Who stands to benefit? Talk by José Martinez – DAI
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