Irstea and the Brittany region strengthen ties

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At the Irstea Rennes Center on November 9, 2018, Loïg Chesnais-Girard, President of the Brittany region, and Marc Michel, President and CEO of Irstea, signed a new agreement for the 2018-2020 period. The agreement aims to support and strengthen research, expertise, training and innovation capacities in the Brittany region for science and process technologies in environmental and food processing fields.

It will be used to develop knowledge and innovative technologies in managing and transforming organic products in the farming, food processing and environment industries, as part of a circular economy. It also aims to create an ambitious partnership policy for local stakeholders.

The agreement's primary areas of focus are:

  • Developing knowledge and innovative technology to manage industrial atmospheres and transformation processes for organic products, including organic waste, in order to guarantee quality;
  • Evaluating industries and their eco-design;
  • Sharing high-performance scientific equipment as part of an effort to consolidate local expertise and openness for the scientific community;
  • Supporting the transfer of research results towards the socioeconomic market by contributing to innovation;
  • Encouraging project development between regions, among European countries, and further afield;
  • Contributing to scientific and social discourse.

CPER-Bretagne APIVALE project (2015-2020) on the recovery of organic effluent

The aim of this project, run in close partnership with INRA, is to bring together skills found in the scientific community in the Brittany region (APIVALE SIG, launched at the end of 2017) and develop research partnerships to optimize the recovery of organic effluent in the region as part of a circular economy while taking into account the sanitary risks linked to effluent management (transfer of microbial agents, antibiotic resistance genes or drug residues).

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CPER-Bretagne IAA-HT Factory of the Future project (2015-2020) on transformation processes

The aim of this project is to develop cutting-edge technological solutions to help manufacturers optimize their product transformation processes and improve the quality and traceability of foods while reducing their environmental impact. The challenge is to increase research to develop operational solutions for economic and manufacturing partners. One recent result is the development of a partial vacuum oven prototype.

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Technological platforms at Irstea Rennes

The Irstea/Brittany region agreement is based on the institute's three platforms:

  • APIVALE (integrated approach to recovering organic effluent)
  • AERAULIQUE (wind tunnels and measuring and air diagnosis equipment)
  • AgroSCANs-PRISM (Rennes multimodal imaging and spectroscopy platform)