Pariscience Festival: science puts on a show

The 14th edition of the international scientific film festival, Pariscience, will be held October 26-31. Open to the public free of charge, the festival offers 6 days of screenings and debates at the Museum of Natural History and the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris (5th arrondissement). For the 3rd year, Irstea is an event partner.

Biodiversity, aerospace, genetic engineering, feature-length and short documentaries... there's something for everyone at Pariscience! With its 85 screenings, representing 17 countries, the festival aims to raise awareness and understanding of current scientific challenges. The festival is an excellent way to enjoy science and address topics that are fundamental to creating the world of tomorrow.

This year, the festival will also offer two virtual reality screenings and organize two special networking evenings with experts in partnership with the Institut du Cerveau et de la Moelle épinière (Brain and Spine Institute) and the Pint of Science festival.

Expert speakers

This year, a number of films will explore the close and often strained relationships between science and power from the early twentieth century to today. In several screenings, spectators will be able to discuss these subjects in greater depth with experts and contributors. In this context, Irstea Bordeaux researcher Gabrielle Bouleau will participate in the debate that follows the screening of the film The Scientist, the Imposter and Stalin: How to Feed the People.

Pariscience 2018 will also host a new edition of Symbiose, a competition for short films made over 48 hours, from October 15 to 17. To enter the competition, a filmmaker and a scientist must pair up and create a short film within 48 hours on the subject of disruption. Lila Collet, a young researcher from Irstea Antony, has been selected for the competition. The films shot over 48 hours will be shown at a public screening on Thursday, October 18 at 7:30 pm at the Institute of Earth Physics in Paris.

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