Raoul Mille, new Director of International Relations at Irstea

As a forest engineer and graduate of Engref, Raoul Mille is very familiar with Irstea. From 2003 to 2007, he was European Cooperation Project Leader and Secretary of the PEER Network. Seven years later, after various positions including Innovation Project Leader within the DGPE at the Ministry of Agriculture, Agri-Food and Forestry, Mille has returned to Irstea as the new Director of International Relations.

This new position is the logical next step in a largely international career. For example, Mille started out as Europe and Middle East Manager at the International Relations Department of the National Forests Office (ONF), followed by consulting assignments and international appraisals in the late 90s. Of particular interest are two important technical assistance projects in Lebanon: cedar reforestation and forest fires. 

Then in 1999, Mille became First Scientific and University Attaché to the French Embassy in Helsinki, where he also supervised the Franco-Finnish Association for Science and Technology for 4 years. He then organized many scientific partnerships between France and Germany, holding various scientific and university attaché positions for the French Foreign Ministry in Germany.

As successor to Denis Despréaux, Mille's responsibility as Director of International Relations is twofold:

  • Reinforce Irstea's contributions to European research projects
  • Develop the international appraisals market for the institute's researchers.