Research and innovation: Irstea partners with the Compagnie Fruitière

The new partnership between Irstea and the Compagnie Fruitière aims to reinforce the Compagnie Fruitière's research and innovation program. This agreement will lead to a collaborative platform with technical and production teams dedicated to the two partners. 

Three main work aims have been identified.

Increasing the effectiveness of phytosanitary treatments Implementing precision agriculture Reducing exposure to phytosanitary products

- spraying technologies

- treating black sigatoka

- etc.

- information systems

- taking measurements and analyzing images

- optimization tools

- software

Joint research will lead to patents that can be used by one or both parties depending on preference.

Compagnie Fruitière

A leading fruit producer and distributor in Europe and Africa

  • 1939: The company was founded in Marseille
  • 450,000 tons of bananas produced in Ivory Coast, Ghana and Cameroon
  • 8000 ha of banana plantations in West Africa
  • 30,000 tons of pineapples produced in Ivory Coast and Ghana
  • 18,000 employees worldwide
  • 8 latest generation refrigerated ships equipped with a controlled atmosphere storage system
  • 2 regular shipping lines from Africa to Europe
  • 800,000 tons of fruits and vegetables distributed in Europe
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