Science hits the big screen

Who wouldn't want to watch Interstellar, A Beautiful Mind or Lucy, again or for the first time? That's precisely what the subscription TV channels Ciné + are offering, but with an interesting plus: watching them from a scientist's point of view. From October 7 to December 14, each of the 7 films will be preceded by an interview with one or more researchers who will share their views on how science is represented in film. In just a few minutes, by watching the researchers' favorite scenes and hearing what scientific topics they'd like to see on the big screen, we come to understand their passion for these topics they wish to popularize.  
Among these researchers is Gabrielle Bouleau, a political science researcher at Irstea, who will give us her take on Ron Howard's A Beautiful Mind on the life of mathematician John Nash. According to Bouleau, the image of the mad scientist is a far cry from reality. A scientist must skillfully balance a healthy imagination - essential to achieving complex thought processes - and reality, such as grocery shopping, family and other practical considerations. The film provides interesting insight into the need to balance scientific and domestic roles and tasks. (First broadcast on October 14 on Ciné +)
To all Ciné + subscribers: see you from October 7 to December 14 for these 7 interviews, 36 full-length feature films and 2 new documentaries selected specially for "Science Hits the Big Screen." 
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