Territories 01/04/2019

The Chambord estate, a special study site for wild ungulates

At the Irstea Nogent-sur-Vernisson site, scientists are studying the interactions between wild ungu…
Territories 03/01/2019

Creating a weather service to improve ski resort snow management

Faced with natural variability in snowfall exacerbated by the effects of climate change, improving …
La station de ski de Megève en hiver © Nicole Sardat / Irstea
Territories 04/12/2018

Anticipating future snowfall in ski resorts to guide development choices

Will there be snow this ski season? This is a recurring and important question for snow resorts tha…
Automne sur Belledone © G. Loucougaray / Irstea
Territories 03/12/2018

Preparing forests for climate change

This year, COP24 is being held between December 3-14 in Poland. Its aim is to ensure implementation…
Etude du comportement des fascines sur un modèle réduit de cours d’eau © S. de Danieli /Irstea
Territories 27/11/2018

Plant engineering for riverbanks, a solution destined to be developed

Today, riverbanks are degraded oases of biodiversity. However, plant engineering seems to be an inc…
© G. Maisonneuve/Irstea
Territories 20/11/2018

OPTMix, a forest laboratory to study the effects of climate change

As with all other ecosystems, forests will have to adapt to climate change. Researchers from the Ir…