Forest exploitation
Territories 01/10/2019

Innovative tools for sustainable joint forest management

Forest services and users must be taken into account to ensure forests are exploited in environment…
Beaugendre Stream, Côte-sous-le-vent, Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe © A. Evette - Irstea
Territories 04/09/2019

Plant engineering on riverbanks in Guadeloupe

Plant engineering is increasingly being used to restore riverbanks that have been heavily degraded …
Paysage forestier dans la province subtropicale des Misiones  en Argentine © S Luque
Territories 04/09/2019

Sustainable forest management - an urgent priority

Climate change is significantly impacting forests. Forests play a key role in many ecological proce…
Extract of the 2018 SPOT 6-7 national coverage image, centered on the Occitanie region.© Airbus DS2018, © Production IRD, Irstea, IGN, all rights reserved. Processing J.C. LorenteSPOT 6-7 de 2018, centré sur la région Occitanie.© Airbus DS2018, © Production IRD, Irstea, IGN, tous droits réservés. Traitements J.C. Lorente
Territories 03/07/2019

GEOSUD: high resolution satellite imaging available to public stakeholders

Launched by partners of the Remote Sensing Center in Montpellier 8 years ago, the GEOSUD infrastruc…
Territories 05/06/2019

The contrasting future of snow cover in 21st century French ski resorts

Two new studies on future changes to snow cover in Alpine and Pyrenean ski resorts in the 21st cent…
© L. Bezombes
Territories 02/05/2019

Evaluating environmental equivalence, an Irstea area of expertise

The 2016 “Biodiversity” law specifies obligations relating to the Avoid, Minimize, Offset approach …