Water 02/10/2019

Achieving regional collective water management

Within a context of water scarcity, all stakeholders within a region (communities, farmers, manufac…
La Feyssine Platform (69) © G. Maisonneuve / Irstea
Water 02/09/2019

La Feyssine: facilities that predict the future of wastewater treatment plants

Irstea has over 40 years of experience in domestic wastewater treatment and recovery and is the pre…
Seine flooding in Paris - January 2018 © Irstea / G. Thirel
Water 29/08/2019

Publication: Changing climate is affecting the flood regime

For the first time, an international study published in Nature, has demonstrated significant change…
Water 03/07/2019

A new water cycle diagram for the Anthropocene epoch?

Irstea scientists have participated in an assessment which concluded that depictions of the Earth’s…
Sénéchas Dam (Department 30) © Simon Dieudonne
Water 03/06/2019

A unique platform for hydraulic structures

Irstea’s Geomechanics Platform offers state of the art equipment and expertise in hydraulic develop…
Aerial view of Royan
Water 24/05/2019

Estuaries, changing environments

Between rivers and oceans, estuaries provide shelter to an iconic and at times threatened biodivers…