Perito Moreno Glacier and Lake Argentino. Los Glaciares National Park (Patagonia, Argentina). © E. Thibert
Water 08/04/2019

Unprecedented results on rising sea levels caused by glacier melt

Melting ice caps in Greenland and the Antarctic, as well as melting glaciers from around the world,…
© Cerema
Water 05/03/2019

Flood control dikes soon monitored by drones

Dikes are an essential component of flood defenses, and the monitoring methods used to inspect them…
Water 05/03/2019

Encouraging discussions to rethink agricultural landscapes

The Champigny water table, which provides drinking water to a million residents in Ile-de-France, i…
Water 04/03/2019

A major breakthrough in natural decontamination methods for groundwater

Pollution of rivers and groundwater by agricultural runoff, and nitrates in particular, has severe …
View of the hydraulic research laboratory at Irstea Lyon-Villeurbanne: flood simulation. © Irstea / T. Fournier
Water 27/02/2019

Improving impact predictions for high water events in flood risk areas

In France, 25% of the population is affected by the risk of floods caused by overflowing rivers. Gi…