Sénéchas Dam (Department 30) © Simon Dieudonne
Water 03/06/2019

A unique platform for hydraulic structures

Irstea’s Geomechanics Platform offers state of the art equipment and expertise in hydraulic develop…
Aerial view of Royan
Water 24/05/2019

Estuaries, changing environments

Between rivers and oceans, estuaries provide shelter to an iconic and at times threatened biodivers…
Water 07/05/2019

Can water management policies be separated from politics?

Although the campaign for the European Parliament elections is in full swing, speeches about public…
Water 12/04/2019

Searching for intermittent rivers!

Intermittent rivers, which stop running or dry out for part of the year, represent half of all rive…
Perito Moreno Glacier and Lake Argentino. Los Glaciares National Park (Patagonia, Argentina). © E. Thibert
Water 08/04/2019

Unprecedented results on rising sea levels caused by glacier melt

Melting ice caps in Greenland and the Antarctic, as well as melting glaciers from around the world,…