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The Appraisal Charter

couverture de la charte de l'expertise 2010The national charter for scientific and technical appraisal, published in 2010, aims to harmonise the practices of public research organisations, particularly in the field of the environment. The job of drawing it up was entrusted to the President of IFREMER (French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea) with the call for bids from the Irstea director general. The same year, an internal group reviewed the Irstea appraisal charter.

The Irstea institute appraisal charter is essential as it looks in greater detail at the commitments made by the institute alongside its expectations in terms of anyone requesting appraisal. An appraisal backer, public or private, calls on a research organisation to obtain reliable, objective data and opinions to help them make a decision. It must sign a contract with Irstea that expresses its request accurately, commits it to providing all the elements it holds on the question in hand and gives details of the conditions for carrying out the appraisal. Irstea is responsible for any opinions given and how they are constructed.
To draw up the Irstea appraisal charter, an internal work group is based on the experts' experience, on the legal governance and on the French NF X 50-110 standard regarding appraisal quality. Marc Mounin, quality delegate, member of the charter work group and contributor to the Afnor national standard has helped us to get to grips with this standard. Adopting it and publishing the charter is just one stage. The work group has raised many other questions: what are the best practices to be implemented internally to carry out appraisals? What is the role of appraisal in Irstea? How can we communicate more effectively regarding experts' skills? Two jobs await us in the short term: defining an appraisal policy that strengthens the Irstea institute's positioning in this field and writing a manual of internal best practices available for all experts.