Sarah Beslagic

Research engineer in Environmental history

Skill area

Ongoing and past projects


Projects in progress
  • Study into the historic distribution of fish and crayfish in the Seine basin over the last two centuries
    ONEMA-CEMAGREF convention on the evolution in areas of species distribution
  • PhD thesis Environmental Archaeology at University Paris 1 – 7041 ArScAn Joint Research Unit (Environmental Archaeology team) under the supervision of J. Burnouf
    Changes in fish populations in the Seine basin: 2000 years of human/animal interactions
  • Participation in the interdisciplinary Programme for city and environmental research (PIRVE)
    Study of the evolution of fish populations and human pressures for the project "Analysis of the long-term trajectory of a metropolis on its aquatic environment throughout its development" (under the supervision of  J.-M. Mouchel, UPMC, Pierre and Marie Curie University).


  • Belliard, J.; Beslagic, S.; Demougin, V.; Delaigue, O. & Pont, D. (2011). Developing a meter based on migratory species, [ONEMA-CEMAGREF]. 2010 Partnership, action no. 5.2, final report, 19 p.
  • Beslagic, S. (2010). “Study into the historic distribution of fish and crayfish,” p48-62 in Rochard, E. (coord.) 2010. The evolution in areas of species distribution, [ONEMA-CEMAGREF]. 2010 Partnership, action no. 8, final report, 82p.
  • Beslagic, S. (2010). “Study into the historic distribution of fish and crayfish”, [ONEMA-CEMAGREF]. 2009 Partnership, action no. 8, progress report, 14p. (ONEMA - French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments)