Receiving the Carnot label in 2006 and a renewal in 2011 acknowledges Irstea’s long- standing research partnerships with various socioeconomic participants, in both the private and public sectors. It is recognition of the quality of Irstea’s research and its positioning.

Research partnerships at Irstea

In conjunction with its partners, Irstea conducts research into pre-existing issues or emerging issues linked to sustainable development. Their research activities are focused principally on water resources and continental aquatic systems, on rural areas and land ecological systems as well as on technologies for the environment and agriculture.

The balance between projects aimed at acquiring new knowledge and developing existing knowledge lies at the heart of the organisation. Building partnerships is a major characteristic of Irstea’s activities. This concerns a great variety of socioeconomic operators:

  • In the business world, from international organisations to SMEs and technical centres
  • In the public sector, from leading management and development organisations to authorities and their groups through to government services.

The Carnot label

A seal of excellence, awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Carnot label acknowledges public research institutes (34 bodies in 2010) that have a strong involvement with operators in the socio-economic world and the public and private sectors (businesses, consultancy firms, regional authorities).

Since its first award, Irstea has been integrating the system implemented by the French National Research Agency (ANR) whose objective it is to promote “partnership research”, which entails forming partnerships with socio-economic operators, especially businesses. This label allows Irstea to benefit from extra support and ways to professionalise their partnership relations (funding of partnership relations and facilities to successfully meet the needs of partners, reinforcement of intellectual property, etc.).

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Within this framework, Irstea follows the Association of Carnot Institutes to develop its activities with a socio-economic orientation. By forming a network of Carnot-labelled institutes, AICarnot aims to facilitate and develop the abilities of its institutes to forge partnerships that foster innovation.

The Carnot Environment Alliance

Irstea has joined forces with 4 other founding Carnot institutes to offer businesses and socio-economic operators support for their projects in the field of the Environment.

This Carnot Environment Alliance aims to contribute to environmental issues and also to economic opportunities that stimulate green growth.

Carnot Environment Alliance can offer expertise to socio-economic operators in three major domains:

  • Metrology – evaluation (sensors, analysing the life cycle, etc.)
  • Support for eco-processes (pollution, recycling, etc.)
  • Primary resources (managing fossil fuels and renewable energy resources, etc.)

As part of this alliance, Irstea undertakes to:

  • Offer a comprehensive and collaborative response (with other institutes) to the demands of companies and other socio-economic operators.
  • Refer other partners of the alliance for requests for which Irstea is unable to respond, or only partially.

More information about this alliance is available on AI Carnot.

Are you are a socio-economic operator (businesses, technical centres, regional authorities etc.) and wish to collaborate with IRSTEA. Find all our offers and information in the section "Industrial partnerships".