Catchment Hydrology

The research carried out by the Catchment Hydrology (HYDRO) team aims at better understanding the catchment hydrological behaviour and at developing modelling tools that can be used to achieve operational objectives related to flood and low-flow forecasting and water resources management. Within Irstea, the team is part of the ARCEAU (Hazards and risks related to the water cycle) research theme (see also the ARCEAU site).

The main research topics are:

  • The development of rainfall-run-off models at the catchment scale, running at various time steps (from hourly to annual);
  • The enhancement of methods for flood and low-flow estimation;
  • The development of models and methods for flood and low-flow forecasting using deterministic or probabilistic methods;
  • The design and management of hydraulic structures;
  • The detection of the impacts of land cover changes on the hydrological cycle,
  • The evaluation of climate change impacts on surface waters.

The team Web site details the research carried out by the HYDRO team on these issues. Theses and codes are available for download.

Team's publications

All the team publications (articles, theses, reports) are detailed on our Web site.

You can also access CemOA, Irstea's publication repository.


Metis Joint Research Unit (ex-Sisyphe), EDF (LNHE, DTG), AgroParisTech, Météo-France CNRM, SCHAPI (French National Hydrometeorological and Flood Forecasting Centre), GIS ORACLE, etc.

Doctoral school

The team

The team is headed up by Charles Perrin

Leader Scientists Doctoral students Engineers under contract
Charles Perrin

Vazken Andréassian
Olivier Delaigue
Carina Furusho-Percot
Pierre Nicolle
Maria-Helena Ramos
Guillaume Thirel

Manon Cassagnole
Cédric Rebolho
Philippe Riboust
Léonard Santos
Morgane Terrier

Alban de Lavenne
Laure Lebecherel
Julie Viatgé