Center for Spreading and the Environment Technology Research Platform (PRT PEE)

The PRT PEE team based in Montoldre is involved in research and development activities in mineral and organic fertilizer applications, tire performance and the tractor/soil link, and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

The team is developing and implementing innovative methods (simulation tools, demonstrators, test benches and tests, etc.) that encourage development and characterize the performance of technological devices in relation to research and industry stakeholders. With 12 FTEs, its research strands focus specifically on improving the fertilizer application machines that play a key role in the agricultural production chain and in respecting the environment.

Research units

Technologies and Information Systems for Agricultural Systems - TSCF


The PRT focuses on 3 performance-measuring benches: the first two concern fertilizer applications (mineral and organic), while the third measures tire performance. Laboratories have joined the platform and are developing research with reliable, complementary measurement systems (high-speed camera, video particle size analyzer, etc.) and unique digital simulation tools.


•Experimental research • Supporting research departments from manufacturers in the industry (product + machine) • (Eco)evaluation of performance • Experimental modeling and digital simulation • Mechatronic design and prototyping.

Socioeconomic partnerships

•Manufacturers: Sulky, Rauch, Amazone, Bogballe, Kverneland, Pichon, Rolland, Buchet, etc. • Fertilizer product manufacturers: Yara, Boréalis, Timac, Eurochem, De Sangosse, etc.

  • The Cemib measurement bench, dedicated to mineral fertilizers, is a rotating bench patented by Irstea and incorporated into standard EN 13739 since 2012. The patent has been transferred to four European companies. It is a foundation for work supporting private sector manufacturers as well as for many research projects.

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  • The Cemob measurement bench, dedicated to organic fertilizers, measures the performance of spreading equipment for organic products (such as manure and slurry spreaders). It conforms to standard EN 13080 and allows, following EN 17025 standard requirements, to perform the spreading test required by Certipaq certification organisation and AXEMA for the Eco-Spreading certification delivery. This one guarantes users a spreader with high technical and environmental performances. Eco-spreading is the first environmental certification focusing on equipment assets in French agricultural machinery.

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Find out more about Cemob

  • The Monoroue measurement bench

Monoroue is a measurement tool that evaluates the performance of agricultural or public works tires and identifies their operational characteristics. It is being used to develop a European benchmark for tire evaluation in partnership with Michelin and ENTAM.

Research projects

  • Partnership projects with manufacturing companies

Supporting R&D to optimize spreading equipment (experimental modeling, developing simulators, etc.);

Validating improved technological solutions;

Evaluating product spreadability (suitability for spreading): experimental measurements, modeling, simulation, etc.)

  • Research projects

Environmental evaluation of plots, managing spreading sections, an “active” spreading management system that takes into account vehicle dynamics, topography, etc.


Maid'Or Project: “Effectiveness of dose management equipment when spreading organic fertilizer” (commissioned by DGPAAT): this project is developing a simulator that integrates experimental models of machinery and propagates the results to evaluate their general effectiveness for spreading.

Soil compaction, part of tire performance

Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

This transverse field complements the research performed at PRT PEE and focuses on evaluating the sustainability of technological systems as a whole and their environmental performance using Life Cycle Analysis in particular. Agricultural technologies (including agricultural robotics) and the production of new fertilizers created from waste (digestate, phosphate fertilizers from wastewater treatment) are central to this research and deal with significant social problems, particularly those linked to the development of sustainable solutions to alleviate resource depletion.

For this reason, researchers from PRT PEE are developing methods that can be used to determine the most relevant environmental impact of these technological systems over their entire life cycle (products sourced from waste, spreading technology and agricultural robotics) and to improve the Life Cycle Analysis method to meet these challenges. This work will result in the development of digital tools that can be used to measure the environmental performance of these evaluation systems (Gestaboues, a tool used to define the carbon footprint of urban sewage sludge treatment and reuse industries) or to improve the technical performance of machinery (Maid'Or, a tool used to objectively inform buyers and technical advisers of fertilizer options available for spreaders for optimum fertilizer application practices).

The team

Team Leader


PhD Candidates


Emmanuel Piron

Frédéric Chabot
Emilie Dieudé-Fauvel
Tien Thinh Le
Jacky Mazoyer
Denis Miclet
Abdourahamane Mohamed Ali
Emmanuel Piron
Marilys Pradel

Mohamed El Amine Mouzaoui
Oumar Thiene

Johann Clément
Bruno Desnoyer
Nicolas De Freitas
Clément Ramillien

The team is based in Montoldre - Centre de Clermont-Ferrand - Research and Experimentation Site - Domaine des Palaquins - 40 route de Chazeuil 03150 Montoldre - Tel.: +33 (0)4 70 47 74 10