Communication and agri-environmental information systems

This team, based in Aubière, conducts research on methods of engineering spatialized information systems dedicated to agri-environmental management. These methods include analysis of stakeholders' needs; specifications, modeling, design and management of information systems; and their connection to data sources.

COPAIN researchers specialize in information technology and systems and have a solid experience in multidisciplinary projects. The team conducts research on engineering methods for spatial information systems dedicated to agri-environmental management. The method consists of analyzing stakeholders' needs, defining the characteristics of information systems, modelling their design, and managing information systems and their relationship to data sources.

The aim of the team is to develop methods and techniques in two ways:

  • Rollout and manage networks of remote sensors adapted to agri-environmental problems.
  • Design and manage information systems such as data warehouses or knowledge management systems adapted to the agri-environmental context.

Research units

Technologies and Information Systems for Agricultural Systems - TSCF

Research projects

Team composition

Team leader Scientists PhDs Technicians

François Pinet

Stephan Bernard
Mathilde Bodelet
Sandro Bimonte
Daniel Boffety*
Jean-Pierre Chanet
Gil De Sousa
Jérôme Fuchet
Kun-Mean Hou
Francois Pinet
Catherine Roussey
Vincent Soulignac

Tayeb Abderrahmani Ghorfi
Driss En-Nejjary
Quang Duy Nguyen
Amir Sakka
Géraldine André*
Laure Moiroux-Arvis
Philippe Rameau

The team is based at the following two sites:

  • Irstea Clermont-Ferrand Center - 9 avenue Blaise Pascal - CS 20085 - 63178 Aubière - Tel.: +33 (0)4 73 44 06 00
  • *Irstea Clermont-Ferrand Center - Research and Experimentation Site - Domaine des Palaquins - 40 route de Chazeuil 03150 Montoldre - Tel.: +33 (0)4 70 47 74 10