Diadromous migratory fish

EABX - Aquatic Ecosystems and Global Change

Team leader Françoise Daverat

Research work carried out by the team aims to acquire knowledge on the ecology and population dynamics of diadromous migratory fish (a distinctive feature of these species is that they complete their life cycle in both fresh and sea water) as well as on developing tools and methods for conserving these species in European catchment areas.





The objectives of the team are :

  • to study the adaptability of diadromous migratory fish to global change (fishing, habitat fragmentation, contamination, climate change, etc.). This involves research on the ecology of these species (essential habitats, dispersion, migration, temperature or hypoxia sensitivity, etc.), their ecotoxicology (research on effects of contaminants, in partnership) and their population dynamics. This research aims to evaluate the viability of different populations and their trajectories;
  • to provide working tools in the field of conservation biology (fish breeding);
  • to characterize assets and services associated with diadromous migratory fish (research carried out in partnership).

The PMA team is an institutional member of the World Sturgeon Conservation Society.

Teaching module

Since 2013, and as part of the University of Bordeaux STEE (Earth Science, Environment and Ecology) Masters specializing in BEC (Continental Biodiversity and Ecosystems), Irstea (PMA team, EABX unit) has run the Conservation Biology and Migratory Fish teaching unit. Based on the study of diadromous migratory fish, the learning aims are to study conservation and aquatic biological asset management topics and acquire a foundation for thought along with methods and tools at the cutting edge of research and management.

Manager : Marie-Laure Acolas, Research associate

Participants : Members of the PMA team at the Irstea Bordeaux center and guest participants from other organizations (managers, members of associations, government representatives, and scientists).


Eel ; shad ; sturgeon ; flounder ; mullet ; diadromous migratory fish


Conservation biology, biology of migration, rehabilitation ecology, behavioral ecology, quantitative ecology, ecological engineering, modeling, fishery research, in partnership with ecotoxicology, genetics, ecophysiology and socioeconomics

Our team


DAVERAT Françoise, Otolith and phenotypic plasticity (HDR)

Permanent staff
ACOLAS Marie-Laure, Rehabilitation ecology
BAU Frédérique, Telemetry
BONS Stéphane, Metrology
CASTELNAUD Gérard, Commercial fisheries
CHEVRE Patrick, Zootechnics
DROUINEAU Hilaire, Modeling, population dynamics
GAZEAU-NADIN Christine, Sclerochronology
GESSET Charline Animal experimentation
JACOBS Louis, Zootechnics
JATTEAU Philippe, Ecology of early stages of fish
LAMBERT Patrick, Modeling, population dynamics (HDR)
LASSALLE Géraldine, Quantitative ecology and effects of climate change
LE BARH Romaric, Biological sampling
PIERRE Maud, Statistics and data analysis
RIGAUD Christian, Ecology of fish colonies
ROCHARD Eric, Conservation biology (HDR)
Fixed-term staff with contracts for more than 1 year
TILLAUT Romain, Building closed circuits
PhD candidates and postdoctoral fellows
CARRERA-GARCIA Erika, PhD candidate
MASSIOT-GRANIER Félix, Postdoctoral fellow, Quantitative ecology and effects of climate change
MATEO Maria, PhD candidate
ROQUES Séverine, Genetic assignment
VAUGEOIS Maxime, post-doctoral fellow working on the development of a DEB model for the European sturgeon

What has become of our PhD alumni?

PhD Alumni


Professional background

Gilles ADAM Toulouse II Engineer with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of plant protection at Amiens, followed by veterinary clinic at Marennes Oléron, then project leader for the Migrators at the core of the DREAL, Aquitaine.
Didier BABIN Rennes I Research Associate at CIRAD (Agricultural Research Centre for International Development), Manager of the French Institute for Biodiversity at Montpellier then Executive Secretary of IMOSEB (International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity) (Montreal, QC) and President of the Man and Biosphere Committee in France
Aurore BAISEZ Toulouse II Engineer for the "Tableaux de bord Loire" (Loire dashboard) project at LOGRAMI (LOire GRAnds MIgrateurs - Loire Highly Migratory Fish), subsequently Director of the same organization
Jean-Jacques BARREAU Bordeaux I Technical Director of the Gironde Fishing Federation, then Environmental Director for the Seine-Maritime General Council, then Director of the Regional Delegation for the Adour/Garonne Water Agency in Pau, then Director of the Armorique Regional Natural Park
Laurent BEAULATON Toulouse II Migratory Fish project leader, then Director for scientific and technical action at ONEMA in Rennes
Laurent BROSSE Toulouse II Migratory Fish research officer in the Rhône Méditerranée Migrators project in Arles, then founder of the "Aqua Logic" consultancy firm in Arles
Sarah BUREAU DU COLOMBIER Pau FTC at the University of Bordeaux (EPOC JRU), then Senior Research Engineer FTC at Irstea Bordeaux
Nathalie CASTIGNOLLES ENSEI Toulouse Lecturer
Mathieu ChANSEAU Toulouse II Engineer at MIGADO, then ONEMA
Patrick CHENE Veterinarian in Nantes Self-employed veterinarian
Sylvain COMTE Veterinarian in Nantes Veterinarian in the poultry sector at SANOFI Bordeaux
Caroline DURIF Toulouse II Postdoctoral fellow, then research fellow at the Institute of Marine Research in Austevoll (Norway)
Eric EDELINE Bordeaux I Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oslo, then lecturer at the University Paris VII ENS.
Eric FEUNTEUN Rennes I Lecturer at the University of Rennes, then Professor at the University of La Rochelle, Director of the Institut du Littoral (Coastal Institute), then Professor at MNHN (Natural History Museum), BOREA JRU and Director of the Dinard Station
Enric GISBERT Barcelona Postdoctoral research at the University of California (Davis), then researcher at IRTA (Institute for Food and Agricultural Research and Technology) in Tarragona (Spain)
Anne GUCHAN Environmental law Aquitaine Regional Council
Hélène IMBERT Bordeaux I Part-time Teaching Assistant at the University of Bordeaux I, then Senior Research Engineer FTC at CEMAGREF, then Postdoctoral researcher at the BOREA JRU, then Project Leader at BIOTOPE, then Project Manager for the Environment and Ecological Connectivity project at the MTDA consultancy in Bordeaux
Pascale JOUBERT Bordeaux I Journalist
Géraldine LASSALLE Bordeaux I Senior Research Engineer FTC at CEMAGREF then Postdoctoral researcher at the University of La Rochelle, then Research Associate at Irstea Bordeaux
Aude LOCHET Bordeaux I Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Syracuse (USA), then Senior Research Engineer FTC at CEMAGREF, then Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Vermont (USA)
Delphine MARTIN VANDEMBULCKE ENSA Toulouse Goose breeder in the Dordogne department
Valérie MERLE Toulouse II Engineer at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, DDAF (Department Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries) Agen, then Plan Protection at DRAAF (Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry)
Olivier PRONIER Toulouse II Engineer at CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) in Toulouse
Eric ROCHARD Rennes I Project Leader at the Gironde Fishing Federation - DDAF Gironde (Department Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries), then AGEDRA engineer (Association Girondine pour l'Expérimentation et le Développement des Ressources Aquatiques - Gironde Association for Experimenting and Developing Aquatic Resources), then Research Engineer at CEMAGREF, then Senior Research Engineer at CEMAGREF, University of Quebec in Montreal/Quebec Ministry for the Environment, then Research Director at Irstea Bordeaux
Dominique SALIN Bordeaux I Civil engineer in Tours, then SOCOMA (buildings/public works) in Bordeaux
Catherine TAVERNY Bordeaux I Engineer for consultancy then Project Leader for the FDAAPPMA (Department Federation for Fishing and the Protection of Aquatic Environments) in Gironde
Thomas TRANCART Bordeaux I Postdoctoral researcher, then Part-time Teaching Assistant at the BOREA JRU in Dinard.
Jean-François VIGIER Veterinarian in Nantes Self-employed veterinarian