Dominique Didelot

Industrial partnerships representative to the DPIA (department of industrial partnership and public policy support)

Skill area

Ongoing and past projects


  • Since September 2010: Support for European project preparation and public-private partnerships within the framework of the CEMAGREF’s Carnot Institute label – Success in AAP “Eco-industries” projects
  • Since May 2009: French Coordination of an ERA-NET on "ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and related environmental issues”, with 15 European partnerships – ERA –NET ICT AGRI –
  • Since June 2008: Support and monitoring in coordination with OptiBan: optimisation project for aerial spreading spraying against cercosporiosis on banana crops in the Antilles and researching land spraying methods – General Coordinator with 5 UR involved and  UGPBAN (Union of Banana Producer Groups) +  DGAL (Directorate General of Food) professionals
  • Since February 2006: General launch and coordination of the ANR project (Ecotechnologies programme) known as ECODEFI on the development of eco-design and eco-innovation in the domain of DWTP manure spreading – with 14 scientific, industrial and agricultural management partners
  • September 2007 - beginning of 2010: coordinating European OTAG project - on "Operational Management and Geo-decisional Prototype to Track and Trace Agricultural Production" – Specific Support Action involving the participation of 5 organisations: CEMAGREF – Cirad – EMBRAPA in Brazil – University Laval in Quebec – PROCISUR in Argentina
  • 2003 – 2007: Launching the CEMAGREF Environmental Spreading Unit in Montoldre –  €3.5 million in investment and recruiting 6 engineers and researchers
  • 2000 2003: Setting up a monitoring network with extranet mapping (Spatialised referencing information system) on the Massif Central for vole outbreaks and the environmental impacts of campaigns to prevent them
  • 1995 – 2000:National coordination (for French Guiana) of the international fight against the carambola fruit fly (CFF prg): - Establishing budgets with the ministries concerned (Agriculture, Foreign Affairs, Environment, French overseas departments and territories), project management, recruiting staff for French Guiana / Developing and monitoring the work program with other countries (Surinam, Brazil, Guyana)
  • 1985­ – 1995: Setting up technical and financial national laboratory for diagnostics of soil pathogenic flora, in partnership with technical institutes and professional research organisations. Designing and monitoring research projects in soil pathology. National reporter for area supervision and applying the European Directive to "protected areas” with respect to beet rhizomania disease (virus). Expert in plant pathology from the European working group on standardisation of substrates and organic amendments

Founder of the LABOVERT “plant medicines concept”. Creating and launching a mobile Laboratory and a training team in parasite identification - introducing services for professional groups in “meeting point” diagnostics, phytosanitary inventories, training in integrated pest management.


Année de fin de publication



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