Fanny Dommanget

Doctoral student

Skill area


Co-supervision of a Master’s 2nd year internship/Marika Imbert (ENS Lyon): Allelopathic effect of Fallopia japonica on the growth of tree species used in river banks restoration

Ongoing and past projects

My thesis project is concerned with Asian knotweed (Fallopia ssp.).It is part of a more applied perspective on controlling Asian knotweed spots on river banks. In fact, these taxa are expanding in these habitats and conventional solutions (chemical control, mowing) have mixed results. What is often overlooked is the fact that these environments have been previously weakened by natural and anthropogenic disturbances. The idea is to restore the competitive abilities of native plant communities rather than strictly controlling the invasive species.

This thesis therefore seeks to gain a clearer understanding of the competitive interactions between Asian knotweed and native species, including species traditionally used in ecological engineering (Salix ssp., Populusspp etc.). It proposes to define the fundamental niche for Asian knotweed for light and to study their behaviour in competition. It also seeks to identify the characteristics of native plant communities which explain the differences in strength as observed in the knotweed.




Ibanez, S., Gallet, C., Dommanget, F. & Després, L. “Plant chemical defence: A partner control mechanism stabilising plant - Seed-eating pollinator mutualisms.” BMC Evolutionary Biology 9 (2009).

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