Jérémy Don

Research engineer

Skill area


I participate in joint supervision of Master’s 1st year and Master’s 2nd year interns (research or professional). Previously supervised intern subjects involved characterising fish and crustaceous populations in subtidal areas close to two depolderised sites (M1 internship) plus the study of the functional features and ichthyological gains linked to depolderisation of estuary wetlands (M2 internship).

Ongoing and past projects

2010-2013 CAPALEST regional project (CAPacité d’Accueil de l’ESTuaire/Estuary Carrying Capacity). This project aims to characterise the different types of habitats in the Gironde estuary and study their ecological functional features (trophic function and nursery function) regarding fish and crustaceous populations.

2010-2012 REMOB inter-regional project (Reconquête des Espaces de MOBilité fluvio-estuarienne/Recovering River-Estuary Mobility Spaces) proposed to the Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions within the framework of the GAGILAU programme (GAronne GIronde saint-LAUrent). REMOB aims to understand ecosystem transformation dynamics in the Gironde estuary riparian areas and study the dynamics of recolonisation of marsh fish and crustaceans reconnected to this same estuary.

2008-2010 MARGO project (MARais GOuvernances/Governing Marshes). This project was started by the launch of the "Water and Land" National Research Agency programme. It tackles governance of the estuary wetlands, their environmental functional features and the economic and financial flows that they bring about. The case study is the Gironde estuary. This project was led by the Montesquieu - Bordeaux IV University in partnership with CEMAGREF (National Centre of Agricultural Machinery, Agricultural Engineering, and Water and Forests). One aim of the works produced within this framework is to find out the effects on fish populations of depolderisation, or removing marsh dykes, to evaluate the costs and benefits, in ecological and socio-economic terms.


50, avenue de Verdun

33612 Cestas Cedex