Hilaire Drouineau

Research Engineer

Skill area



  • Since 2016 – Alexis Paumier (main supervisor Patrick Lambert) : behaviour plasticity of spawning as an adaptive response to global warming : the example of the Allis shad population in the Garonne-Dordogne river basin

  • 2014-2017 - Maria Mateo: Adaptive responses of temperate eels to environmental heterogeneity: evolutionary mechanisms, threats due to global change and implications for conservation



  • 2016-2018 - Dominique Lamonica (co-supervision with Hervé Capra) : understanding the effects of human induced changes in flow and thermal conditions on fish behaviours through the analyis of their trajectories

  • 2014-2017 : Jocelyn Domange (co-supervision with Patrick Lambert) : Analysis of yellow eels density based on the diffusion process in a catchment with the TABASCO (spaTialised Anguilla BASin COlonisation assessment) model


Master thesis

  • 2017 - Marine Ballutaud (co-supervision with Jérémy Lobry) : comparison of methods to quantify the biomagnification of pollutants in the Gironde trophic network

  • 2016 - Virginie Bornarel: Modelling the recruitment of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) throughout its European range

  • 2016 - Marine Randon (co-supervision with Françoise Daverat): Quantifying exchanges of Allis shads between river catchments by combining otolith microchemistry and abundance indices in a Bayesian model

  • 2016 - Maxime Olsommer (co-supervision Maria Mateo): In which condition phenotypic plasticity can be selected for eels ?

  • 2012 - Tiphaine Pellegry (co-supervision Christian Rigaud): Can we quantity elver predation dowstream an obstacle using Visible Implant Elastomers ?

  • 2011 - Adrien Tableau: development of a fish-based index of estuarine ecological quality incorporating information from both scientific fish survey and expert knowledge


Peer-reviewed journal articles

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