Ecotoxicology Laboratory

The activities conducted in the laboratory involve measuring the effects of contaminants at the individual level. The objectives are to characterise the biological effects of toxicants on aquatic organisms and to contribute to a better knowledge of biological and physicochemical phenomena that explain these effects.

Research Programs

  • The effects of metal mixtures on the base of cytosolic concentrations
  • Contamination of fish & the Rhone sediments by PCBs
  • ERAPharm

Tools and technology

  • Studies on fish and invertebrates
  • Sampling and in situ experiments (caging)
  • Bioassays: exposure in static or continuous mode
  • Biochemical analysis of fish (EROD enzyme activities, AChE)
  • Biostatistics, data analysis, modelling, image analysis


In addition to the analysis facilities of the Lyon Group (chemistry laboratory, EDS laboratory) and in situ sampling (boat, electric fishing equipment) that the team uses, the lab also has equipment for biochemical measurements (electrophoresis, microplate spectrophotometer, microplate spectrofluorimeter). It also has a large breeding and housing facility (continuous feeding, regulation of water quality) for fish and invertebrates.


CHIMOTOX is software that allows the coupling of basic approaches (distribution of energy, scaling, aggregation of variables) and operational approaches (testing pollution scenarios: current and future impact, predictive study of risk, links between ecological approach to bio-indication in the field and laboratory ecotoxicological approach). It is mainly focused on the Chironomus species.
To install CHIMOTOX, copy the "install.bat" and "install.jar" to a specific folder.
Then click on install.bat.

Download and User Guide (English only)
Contact :  Arnaud Chaumot

Make-up of the team

Team leader

Jeanne Garric, Director of Research


Didja Abbaci, Assistant Engineer
Marc Babut, IGREF (Engineer specialised in rural engineering of water and forests, member of the French civil service)
Arnaud Chaumot, Research supervisor
Olivier Geffard, Research supervisor
Patrice Noury, Research engineer
Renaud Tutundjian, Research engineer
Cyrielle Durand, Doctoral student
Romain Coulaud, Doctoral student
Guillaume Jubeaux, Doctoral student
Alice Ravet, BTS ANABIOTEC co-operative education/internship program
Jean-Philippe Besse, Research engineer    
Annie Roy     
Benoit Ferrari, Visiting high-level researcher
Ashley Tilghman
Christelle Lopes  


Raphaël Mons, Assistant engineer
Hervé Queau, Technical assistant