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The PEER newsletter brings you the most recent information regarding environmental research in Europe


peer newsletterThe Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) letter is available to anyone interested in news, events and job offers in environmental research. The last newsletter highlights PEER’s recommendations for the 8th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development based on the need to link major societal challenges such as safety in the areas of water, energy and food – keeping social well-being in line with the economy.

The newsletter tackles several other subjects. For example, information about the research conducted by Cemagref for the innovation of refrigeration technologies (FRISBEE) and the recent publication of the TEEB report, which focuses on the economic benefits of biodiversity.

The PEER October newsletter 2010

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Les réalités agricoles aux portes d'Alger (a book about the agricultural realities at play in the Algerian plains)

Showing the Mitidja like it is. That was the challenge of the authors as soon as they set foot on this vast Algerian plain. By going beyond the usual pictures that keeps the Mitidja locked in a vision of wealth from yesterday, its agricultural crisis of today and its concrete of landscapes tomorrow, the book reveals a rich, complex range of agricultural realities.

Firstly, the book gives a voice to those who work the land, with eyewitness accounts of local diversity. Representatives from institutions and experts also give their points of view about the agricultural and water management realities in the Mitidja.

The scientific results quoted are based on the SIRMA cooperation network of which CIRAD is a partner and concerned with water management in the Maghreb. However, the authors also consulted scientists known for their research in this region.

Lastly, a journalist returned from a trip to the heart of the Mitidja with a lengthy report interpreting the complex realities of this Algerian plain.

Three of the authors, Sami Bouarfa, Amar Imache and Tarik Hartabi completed their theses at Cemagref. They work respectively at Cemagref at the G-Eau joint research unit at the Lisode engineering consulting firm and at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Agronomie d'Alger (the Algiers National Agronomy School). Marcel Kuper is a researcher at CIRAD G-Eau joint research unit.

La Mitidja 20 ans après. Réalités agricoles aux portes d'Alger [The Mitidja 20 years later. Agricultural realities at the gates of Algiers]. Amar Imache, Tarik Hartani, Sami Bouarfa and Marcel Kuper. Ed. Alpha 2010