Agriculture: protecting a profession

Over several decades, the arduous nature of agricultural work has considerably decreased. Agricultural machinery and chemical fertilizers have made tasks easier and increased productivity. However, these increasingly large machines and new substances now represent risks to the health and safety of farmers.

Acting on phytopharmaceutical exposure

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The Safe Use Initiative Project develops specific solutions to reduce exposure to phytopharmaceutical products for operators and workers in vineyards.


Reducing the risk of tractor accidents

To help students of agricultural colleges drive a tractor in complete safety, thereby preventing the risk of accidents, Irstea has designed a driving simulator. 


An innovative hitch to limit accidents

The coupling and uncoupling phase for agricultural machines is a source of accidents. Irstea has developed a hitch that reduces this risk. 


Agriculture: a robot dedicated to automated weeding


Combining safety, environmental awareness and productivity, a new project has just been launched. Its aim is to develop a robotic solution dedicated to mechanical weeding in vegetable crops.