Flood risk: research raises the bar

Measurements after flooding in the Var region (2010) © Irstea / C. Tailleux

In 1910, Parisians went paddling in a historic flood that left its mark! Other high water events and floods have punctuated history. These valuable records have been compiled in a reference document by Maurice Champion (1858) that was recently updated by Michel Lang at Irstea. We must remember and learn from the past in order to be better prepared.

The risk is essentially flooding caused by rivers overflowing into vulnerable areas (housing, businesses, etc.). How should we manage this risk? More importantly, can it be predicted? National flood risk attribution policies and strategies have been implemented in response to the European Flood Directive.

To support these public policies, Irstea has developed a renowned level of expertise and supports the Ministry of Ecology as well as local authorities in understanding flood phenomena, predicting high water (tools, models) and managing hydraulic structures and the safety of protective dikes. From falling water to flowing water...

Flooding and high water 

What do we know?

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Flood risk

Prevention, preparation, protection



What are the risks of the future?

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