What are the flood risks of the future?

Given the realities of climate disruption, high water and flooding events will be affected. Our task now is to quantify these changes to be better prepared for future events.

Can we predict the risks caused by climate disruption?

How will river flows transform with climate change? Hydrological trends for future high water events are unclear. Nevertheless, we must reflect on adaptation strategies now. Researchers are working to reduce levels of uncertainty using simulations, scenarios, probabilities, etc.

Climate change: what impact will it have on the Seine river basin?

What adaptation and management strategies should we be using by 2050?


Forecasting: creating a national map of future flows


Between 2010 and 2012, a large study brought together French hydrologists to build a map of changes to surface and ground water caused by climate change.

Creating the management policies of the future

In order to prepare better for the future, we have to work on the memory of past events. The importance of knowledge is undeniable, both today and in the future.

Flood risks. Using memories to create management policies of the future

By studying past floods along with current preventive and protective measures and policies, can we anticipate risk better?


Flood risk and post-flood adaptation

Flood risks are the most expensive risks in France. To decrease costs, a research project is looking at regional resilience.


Adapting cities to manage flood risks through land use policies

Floods: is there such a thing as good urban planning?

Among the most harmful impacts of urbanization in relation to flood risks, are the high levels of land sealing and undersized rain water drainage networks, linked to the straightening and channeling of rivers. Read the article written by our researchers in The Conversation.