Global change: how will we share water in the future?

Demographics, economics and the climate as we know it are expected to significantly change by 2050. Water resources, essential to daily life, will have to be shared in accordance with this new reality. In order to anticipate and prevent crises, researchers are already looking into forecasting studies to anticipate future changes. 

Durance-Verdon: rethinking how to share water resources

The Durance-Verdon basin is significantly impacted by human activity including irrigation based farming, hydroelectricity, drinking water supplies, etc.


[Video] Sharing water resources in a context of climate change

Interview with Eric Sauquet, hydrologist at the Irstea Lyon-Villeurbanne center.


Climate change. What future for the Garonne-Gironde area?

Researchers have build 4 potential development scenarios to 2050.


Increasing water stress in France

The Ministry of Ecology has launched a forecasting study on the impact of climate change on water resources. Its clear message is that regardless of which socioeconomic choices are made, water stress will increase in France.


Are we heading towards sustainable water and land use in 2030?

The Sustainable Water, Aquatic Environments, and Regions 2030 forecasting study was launched at the end of 2010 by the MEDDE Commissioner General for Sustainable Development and provides an understanding of the challenges, opportunities and risks linked to water and aquatic environments over the next 20 years.